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Central cooperative wholesale warehouse and office building
Exterior picture of the Central Cooperative Wholesale warehouse and office building with delivery trucks, Superior, Wisconsin.
Red star label
Red Star brand label with fir trees, Central Cooperative Wholesale, Superior, Wisconsin.
Red star brand coffee can
Red Star brand one pound coffee can with hammer and sickle for Co-operators' Best, Superior Wisconsin.
Clearing dishes
Young people washing dishes at the co-op camp sponsored by the Central Cooperative Wholesale (Superior, Wisconsin).
Cat on feed bag
A cat sits on top of a feed bag at the Central Cooperative Wholesale mill.
Employee at the mill
An employee for the Central Cooperative Wholesale mill pauses for his photograph. His name is Veikka Aine.
CCW building
Exterior view of the Central Cooperative Wholesale warehouse and feed mill, located in Virginia, Minnesota.
Four workers at the mill
Four employees of the Central Cooperative Wholesale feed mill stand in front of the CCW building in Virginia, Minnesota.
Adjusting a grain bag
A worker wearing a cap that says "Co-Op" adjusts a bag of "Co-Op Best Egg Mash" at the Central Cooperative Wholesale...
Hauling plant food
A Central Cooperative Wholesale worker hauls bags of plant food at a warehouse.
Fertilizer advertisement
Three men look at a bulletin board that has information about fertilizer produced by the Central Cooperative Wholesale. A sample...
Worker at the feed mill
A worker pauses for a photograph at the Central Cooperative Wholesale feed mill.
Bags of grain at the feed mill
View of one room of the main floor at the Central Cooperative Wholesale feed mill in Superior, Wisconsin.
CCW feed mill operations
A man (possibly identified as Carl Hagman) stands below an operations board at the Central Cooperative Wholesale feed mill.
IBM Control System
Two workers in the "IBM Control System" room at the CCW. A calendar with the words "Central Cooperative Wholesale"...
Henry Koski
Henry Koski, newspaper reporter and editor, poses for his photograph in his office. The calendar on the wall reads "Central...
Cooperators meeting
Picture of members and staff attending the cooperators meeting, Superior, Wisconsin.
Roasting coffee
Two CCW employees roast coffee.
Watching a demonstration
A group of teenagers and children watch a demonstration in the CCW coffee department.
Baby and coffee
A baby boy stands next to boxes of Co-Op brand coffee.
CCI Nominating Committee
Group photograph of the Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) nominating committee.
CCI Board of Directors
The Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) Board of Directors listens to a speaker.
Eating dinner
A group of men attending the CCW district meeting eat dinner.
Charting Sales
Two men look at a graph of CCW sales for the 1958 district meeting.
Discussion at a meeting
Three men discuss matters at the CCW district meeting.
District Meeting
A group of men attend a Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) district meeting, possibly in Michigan.
Speaking at a CCI meeting
An audience member stands to speak at a Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) meeting.
CCW Education Department personnel
Photo of a group of CCW Education department personnel.
Three CCW representatives
Three CCW representatives in the Education Department.
CCW parade float
View of the CCW parade float.
Five CCI employees
Photo of a group of five Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) employees in a warehouse.
Playing softball
Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) employees play a game of softball.
A group of Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) employees dressed in costumes.
CCW Employees
A group of CCW employees sit around a card table.
Sack races
CCW employees participate in a sack race.
CCW employees
Eugene Sinervo and Wally Lynn, two CCW employees.
Women playing sports
A group of CCW employees play an outdoor game.
Crowning a pageant winner
A CCW employee crowns a pageant winner.
Congratulating the winner
A group of contestants congratulate the contest winner.
CCW employees play a game
A group of CCW employees play an outdoor game.
Riding a tractor
Walt Wilson, CCW employee, sits on top of a co-op tractor.
CCW Santa Claus
Employees of the CCW and Santa Claus distribute holiday gifts.
CCI Employees' Grievance Committee
Photo of members of the Central Cooperative, Inc. (CCI) Employees' Grievance Committee.
Coffee break
CCW employees enjoy a coffee break.
Membership drive
CCW employees participate in a membership drive. The man in the middle holds a large rabbit.
Drinking coffee
Four CCW employees drink coffee.
Waiting in line
Men, women, and children wait in line during a CCW event.
Banquet celebration
Men and women eat together at a CCW banquet.
CCW Warehouse
View of a CCW warehouse in Escanaba, Michigan.
Building a warehouse
Workers at the CCW warehouse building in Escanaba, Michigan.