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Bowles's new pocket map of the discoveries made by the Russians on the northwest coast of America
A copy of Thomas Jefferys' map of 1761, which was in turn based on a map issued by the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1758.
The 1507 globular map of the world
This is the first globular map to use the term “America” in designating the continents of the New World. It was originally published...
17th Century, Climate Map
15th Century Ptolemy World Map
World map from Claudius Ptolemy's Cosmographia (Ulm, 1482): the first edition of Ptolemy printed in Germany, and the first...
Tabula itineraria ex illustri Peutingerorum bibliotheca quae Augustae
Map is known as the "Peutinger table", it represents the imperial roads and posts throughout the Roman Empire at about...
18th Century, Senegal
18th Century, West Indies
18th Century, Scotland
[Manuscript map of Nagasaki, its harbor and surrounding region].
Diese Charte über Siberien nimt ihren Anfang zu Tobolsk ostwarts bis an die euserste Grentz von Sukotsky gemacht unter Commendo
Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:6,875,000 (E 65°--W 170°/N 73°--N 50°) Manuscript map, in brilliant colors, depicting...
Geographisk charta i fran Tobolski till Tziokotzkago forfardigad under den Siberiske Expedition,
Manuscript map depicting the route followed by Bering in his first expedition to eastern Siberia in the years 1725-1730.
Map of the North Pole
World Map
Map of Russia
Tartaria / Jodocus Hondius ...
Kamchatka and Alaska : manuscript map in French, ca. 1790
Depicts the North Pacific Ocean between Kamchatka and Alaska, reflecting the views of Russian geographers in the late eighteenth...
This fragment of an unknown planisphere is of special interest for its portrayal of Africa. Area shown extends from the British and...
World map
A very close copy of the world map of Mercator, published in Louvain in 1538.
16th Century, World Map
15th Century, Eastern Hemisphere
16th Century, World
16th Century, Spain
16th Century, France
16th Century, Germany and Denmark
16th Century, Italian and Balkan Peninsula
16th Century, Italy and Corsica
16th Century, Sardinia and Sicily
16th Century, Macedonia and Greece
16th Century, Mauritana
16th Century, Northern Africa
16th Century, Marmarica
16th Century, Northern Africa
16th Century, Asia Minor
16th Century, Sarmatia Asiatica
16th Century, Caucasus
16th Century, Middle East
16th Century, Middle East
16th Century, Arabian Peninsula
16th Century, India
16th Century, India
16th Century, Taprobana
16th Century, Europe
16th Century, Spain and Portugal
16th Century, France
16th Century, Germany and Poland
16th Century, Valais
16th Century, Valais
16th Century, Switzerland
16th Century, Germany
16th Century, Black Forest