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Stream with birches and red drapes
Cyc Interior with Beige fabric
Drop curtain with Art Deco Ornament
Exterior Landscape
Exterior Landscape
Exterior Landscape with lake
Exterior Landscape with lake
Exterior Landscape with path
Garden Olio with steps
Garden drop with balustrade
Exterior Landscape with road
Garden sketch
Red draperies with garden drop
Red draperies with pyramid drop
Interior drop set
Landscape Symmetrical garden drop
Exterior Residential with Garden
Interior drop with exterior baseball stadium scene
Drop Curtain with castle
Royal Arch stone leg drop.
Royal arch stone interior backdrop with wooden doorway.
Staircase going up on stage right.
A subterranean apartment with cream walls.
Four marble columns and two bronze columns and a red-draped alcove.
Exterior view of Persian palace beyond city gates.
Persian palace throne Room leg drop.
Extensive tile work with archer frieze and Assyrian-headed winged bulls frieze. Double bull cap on bronze columns supporting marble...
Treasure room cut drop with bars in a large archway.
Treasure Room backdrop.
Dotted orange lines indicate transparencies.
Treasure room cut drop with netting.
This piece accompanies Great Western Stage Equipment Company collection photographic negative MSSCG707. This piece also accompanies...
Treasure room backdrop.
Two scrim inserts for transparency effects. This piece accompanies Great Western Stage Equipment Company collection photographic...
Bridge cut drop with netting.
Rebuilding King Solomon's Temple leg drop Composition includes scaffolding.
Rebuilding King Solomon's Temple backdrop.
Leg drop with Egyptian architectural elements.
Cut drop with Egyptian architectural elements.
Seascape with rocky shore and the skeleton of a wrecked boat.
Crucifixion backdrop.
Landscape with distant city.
Faith, Charity, and Hope appear as a sky effect.
Classical colonnade cut drop with distant garden.
Cathedral leg drop with burgundy draperies.
Cathedral leg drop.
This piece is an additional, or replacement piece, to accompany Great Western collection 041a. The technical style is drastically...
Cathedral backdrop with sunlit stained glass.
Attic scene for Benedict Arnold degree.
Interior depiction of a carpenter's workshop.
Catacomb leg drop.
Catacomb backdrop.
Armory backdrop.
Interior displays a coat of arms, swords, and military equipment. This colored rendering is based on the Great Western Stage Equipment...
Stone leg drop.
Tomb scene backdrop with coffin and three skulls.
Humorous epitaphs include "Here Lies the bones of Don Carlos Du Bois 1883-2008," "Grand (Old) Master Wayne Slaughter...
Cathedral leg drop.
Cathedral leg drop.
Stone mausoleum backdrop.