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Egyptian desert scene depicting three pyramids.
Backdrop is surrounded by black masking, yellow masking and red drapers.
Desert scene with a sphinx and three pyramids.
Moonlight desert oasis with transparent sky.
Egyptian desert scene depicting seven pyramids and one sphinx.
The birth of Jesus Christ.
Three men approach a stable while angels descend from the heavens.
Shrine curtain depicting the building of the pyramids at El Gizeh.
Composition is surrounded by a frame with Egyptian ornamentation and fringed draperies.
A pencil sketch of the Nativity scene.
Ruins within an Egyptian landscape.
A small color version of this composition is found in the Twin City Scenic Company collection sketch, MM011C.
Egyptian courtyard overlooking a desert scene.
with three pyramids in the distance. The back of this sketch contains another complete composition. This Egyptian tomb composition...
Desert scene of the Nile, sphinx and pyramid.
Backdrop with an Egyptian colonnade.
Desert scene in distance. This piece accompanies two cut drops (Twin City Scenic Company collection MM018A and MM018B).
Three panels for a desert cyclorama.
The composition includes the three pyramids at Gizeh and a desert oasis.