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Drop curtain with the letters "ES" on the top center.
Composition of a framed interior including three doors and a window.
Drop curtain.
Rose wall with central fireplace and curtain.
Interior model.
Composition includes draperies and picture.
Draperies frame an interior composition with three doors and a window painted.
Curtain with 3 openings.
Drop curtain.
Black and red draperies with two entrances. A Garden is depicted in the background.
Cyclorama of tan draperies with tapestry.
Photograph of a colored rendering.
The composition depicts an olio drop with distant foliage. The actual rendering is very similar toTwin City Scenic Company collection,...
Printed page from salesman book.
Cyclorama setting.
Drop curtain.
A composition depicting rust draperies with a fence and garden. HGS is presented in gold at the top.
Drop curtain.
Composition includes lavender draperies, three entrances and a fireplace.
Cyc Interior with Beige fabric
Drop Curtain
Olio drop.
Composition includes and archway with an exterior view. There is a photograph of a very similar colored rendering. It is Twin City...