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Interior model.
Nine panels, brown woodwork, rose walls, and mottled panels. Garden seen through French doors.
Nine panels of light green with beige molding. Composition also includes a window, fireplace, French doors, and hanging mirror. ...
Interior model with fireplace and window.
Interior drop sketch with windows and a fireplace .
Interior drop depicting a gray interior and tan molding.
Interior drop with light molding and peach walls.
Sketches of three fireplaces.
Interior drop.
Gray wall sample with a fireplace.
Interior drop.
Beige walls with colorful borders, and green-brown woodwork. Composition includes a fireplace.
Interior drop with floral wallpaper and wood molding.
Composition includes fireplace, window, and door.
Interior drop overlooking a garden through double doors.
Interior with blue walls and a colorful border.
Interior drop with wooden molding and ornate borders.
Interior model.
Blue panels and floral decorative motifs.
Olio drop of an interior scene with a fireplace, window, and rug.
Printed page from salesman book.
Cyclorama setting.
Drop curtain.
Composition includes lavender draperies, three entrances and a fireplace.
Olio drop.
Interior composition includes a fireplace.