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Exterior view of Persian palace beyond city gates.
City gate with domes and minarets in the distance.
Tower of Cyrus with gate.
This composition is similar to that from Holak collection 019.
Hill of Golgatha with three crosses.
Photograph of a colored rendering for a drop curtain.
Sketch of Fort Jackson (front elevation).
This piece also accompanies Twin City Scenic Company collection SKGG, SKFF, SKEE, and floorplan SKCC.
Phographic source of Jerusalem and Cairo from an unidentifiable cruis brochure.
Pencil sketch depicting the city gates of Gath.
City walls and arched entrance.
Drop curtain.
Swagged draperies with central landscape. Titled, "Belagona Castle, Switzerland."
Drop curtain.
Framed Towers of the Infants (Alhambra, Granada, Spain) with a man tending goats; mountains in the background. Painted by John Z....
City gate with two deceased bodies draped over the steps.
Sketch of European street with a bridge and city gate.
Drop curtain.
Swagged draperies with a framed cityscape. The composition includes a town near a river.
Palace exterior, City walls of Gath.
This composition is almost identical to that in Holak collection 020.
Backdrop of middle eastern seaport.
Many small ships in harbor with city rising up behind.
Drop curtain.
The composition depicts a Venetian cityscape.
Palace exterior with Egyptian architectural ornamentation.
This composition depicts the city walls of Gath.