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Drop curtain with wine colored draperies and a framed landscape composition.
Landscape with rolling hills.
Landscape cyclorama with road, lake, houses and hills.
Landscape drop.
Composition includes a fence, pathway and distant mountains.
Landscape drop with a path, a fence and a house.
Landscape that depicts a road and bridge.
Landscape drop.
Composition includes a pathway, fence and river.
Path overlooking valley with river and mountains.
Landscape with river and stone bridge.
Mountain drop with lake and trees.
Landscape cyclorama with road, lake, hills and trees
Landscape concept sketch
Wooded path with lake
Wooded path with stream
Landscape with distant city.
Faith, Charity, and Hope appear as a sky effect.
Cut drop of hill top.
Landscape composition depicting rolling hills and sparse trees.
Landscape with mountains and valleys incorporated into the composition.
Olio drop.
Seaside composition.
Sketch of a southwestern ranch.
The composition includes an entrance gate, buildings, and cacti.
Pencil sketch depicting a distant city.
Landscape of the Holy Land.
Asbestos curtain.
Central composition depicts landscape.
Drop curtain with a framed composition that depicts a house.
Drop curtain.
Curtain with mountain and sheep crossing bridge painted. Titled "Bonnie Scotland." This is the source for the theatre installation...
A landscape at dusk.
Rocky pass with stream
Photograph of Fraternal landscape setting.
Ascension of Jesus Christ cut drop.
Ascension of Jesus Christ backdrop.
Backdrop with two figures in foreground and three crosses on distant hill.
This piece accompanies Holak collection 084a and 084b to complete an ascension scene.
Rough and cut stone tomb setting surrounded by foliage.
Composition includes a mountain landscape with a river.
Photograph of Shrine landscape scene.
Landscape with King Solomon's temple on Mount Moriah.
Two Middle guards astride camels in foreground. This composition matches Twin City Scenic Company collection M121, MM008A and MM008B....
Peristyle cut drop with palms.
This I.N.R.I. piece accompanies Great Western Stage Equipment Company collection rough draft accession #MSSCG118, photograph of Great...
Backdrop with mountain scene and pelican feeding young.
Egyptian courtyard overlooking a desert scene.
with three pyramids in the distance. The back of this sketch contains another complete composition. This Egyptian tomb composition...