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Military encampment with commander's tent in the foreground.
Mountain valley with a military encampment scene.
This piece accompanies Great Western Stage Equipment Company photographic negative MSSCG708. The composition is similar to that depicted...
Stone brick and wooden beam interior.
Cut piece with entrance into commander's tent.
Military shields on either side of entrance. The composition includes numerous military tents in the distance.
Backing flat for Holak collection 011a.
The composition includes a military shield centered upon mauve draperies.
Central tent with practical opening.
Other tents depicted in background.
Cut drop depicting woods and military tents.
Central tent with practical opening.
Other military tents are depicted in the distance.
Wood drop.
Floor diagram for a military encampment scene from the thirty-second degree, A.A.S.R.
This rendering includes two compositions.
The first is a seascape. The second composition is a military encampment. Both represent the thirty-second degree (A.A.S.R.). ...