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Sketch of a frame with Viking and American Indian composition.
Garden sketch
Interior drop set
Garden drop with three statues and stairs leading to a stone wall.
Garden drop.
with statues, stairs and a fountain.
Olio drop.
Night scene in park with fountain, tree, and shadowed line of city.
Garden drop with stone walls, curving path, pond and statue.
Olio drop.
Garden with statue. This composition stylistically echoes the paintings of Maxfield Parrish.
Olio drop.
Very heavily damaged. Source is included. Composition includes archways, draperies, sculptures, and a fountain
Garden drop with center stairs with two figurines.
Garden drop with a fountain.
Sketch of a Minneapolis parade float, the banner states "Welcome to My Guests."
Interior Drop with fountain
Olio drop.
Courtyard with Greek arbor overlooking a lake and mountains. The photograph of this theatre installation is Twin City Scenic Company...
Conservatory with a central statue.
Olio drop.
Composition includes a park with a statue, river and bridge.
Garden drop with shaped bushes and a large statue.
Olio drop.
Patio with statue, marble column, and draperies. Composition includes a lake in the background.
Drop curtain.
Central composition depicts women collecting flowers.
Olio drop.
Landing and balustrade that overlook a gazing pool. Composition includes a cupolo in the distance.
Printed image selected from a book, titled "Theatermalereien."
Farbige Vorlagen fur Scenerien und Theatervorhange. Proscenium, Vorhange, Gebirgslandschaften, Herbstlandschaften, Grotten, Salons,...
Printed images selected from the book, titled "The Gardens of Italy" by Charle Latham.
Image titled "The Fourth Terrace."
Printed images selected from the book, titled "The Gardens of Italy" by Charle Latham.
Image titled "East Ascent."
Printed images selected from the book, titled "The Gardens of Italy" by Charle Latham.
Image titled "Part of the Circular Lake."
Printed images selected from the book, titled "The Gardens of Italy" by Charle Latham.
Castello-East Terrace.
Photograph of a colored rendering for a garden scene.
This piece accompanies Twin City Scenic Company colored rendering, accession #MSSC0925.
Palace drop with a foyer overlooking a distant pond and a statue.
Palace drop depicting a ballroom and stairway.
Palace drop.
Composition includes a hall with tapestries.
Palace drop.
Composition includes double stairs, a fountain, and palms.
Palace drop.
Composition includes a green archway.
Palace drop with fountain and hanging flowers.
Palace drop with hallway and urns.
Palace drop.
Composition includes archways, a staircase and statues.
Palace drop with nude statues.
Olio drop.
Interior composition includes statues and a piano.
Palace drop with a carpet leading to fountain.
Palace drop.
Composition includes a hallway with two statues.
Garden drop with two statues, a fountain, and a gazebo.
Signed by John Z. Wood.
Garden drop.
Arbor, statue, path leading toward a distance city. Their is a Twin City Scenic Company collection theatre installation photo of...
Olio drop.
Arches and columns with figure overlooking a lake.
Garden drop with statues and a pond in the foreground.
Scene is at sunset.
Olio drop of an interior with a center fountain.
Olio drop of an interior.
The composition includes a vaulted ceiling.
Garden drop with a large fountain and a figurine
Palace drop with staircase and statues.
Palace drop.
The composition includes a hallway with purple draperies.
Photograph of a theatre installation depicting an exteior courtyard.
The colored rendering for this piece is Twin City Scenic Company collection, accession# MSSC0006.
Olio drop.
Interior with draperies, grand staircase, and plants.
Olio drop of statues and architectural structures overlooking a seascape.