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Results for: Holak Collection PA49
183 items found in 234 ms.
Cut-drop of Eastern cityscape.
Marble interior with double doorway.
Persian leg drop with purple draperies and tile.
Persian cut drop with canopy and urn.
Persian cut drop with hallway and purple draperies.
Hades cut drop with serpents.
Hades portal with serpents.
Hades backdrop with fire.
Cathedral interior with stained glass for translucent effect.
Cathedral portal with columns and chandelier.
Exterior of Gothic cathedral with double doors.
Cavern with scrim opening.
Backing flat for the prelate apartment.
Prelate apartment backing with painting.
Modest interior.
Cut drop of four pillars supporting gold draperies.
Leg drop with draperies, decorated wall tiles and double columns.
Leg drop with draperies, decorated wall tiles, and double columns.
Shrine emblem on purple drapery panel.
Red curtain drop with Scottish Rite, Shrine, and York Rite emblems.
Golden clouds with seven pointed star and "Spes mea in deo es."
Brown and green ground cloth.
Dark cavern.
Leg drop of ruined temple.
Central tent with practical opening.
Other tents depicted in background.
Cut drop of Knights Templar Ship with full rigging.
Rebuilding the temple at night backdrop.
Leg drop with large central arch.
Leg drop with two arches.
Egyptian leg drop.
Portal with trees and stone wall.
Templar hut with distant mountains.
City gate with two deceased bodies draped over the steps.
Hill of Golgatha with three crosses.
Landscape composition depicting rolling hills and sparse trees.
Cut drop with clouds, rocky shore and trees.
Cut drop with water, clouds, rocky shore and trees.
Seascape with an island in the center of the composition.
The island supports cypress trees and a partial fortification.
Cut drop with stormy sea and rocky shore.
Styx river running through rocky landscape.
Panel with burning bush.
Burning bush with transparent angel.
Interior model of 2 panels.
Ornately decorated with panels of cherubim and one door.
Drop curtain with Shrine emblem for the "Orak" lodge.
Drop curtain with the Shrine emblem for the "Medinah" lodge.
Interior model with one window and one doorway; walls are plain spattered with rust, yellow, and gold.
Moonlight desert oasis with transparent sky.
Drop curtain for the Aryan Grotto M.O.V.P.E.R.
Backing flat or wall panel with Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Hermitage with practical opening in mountain landscape scene.