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Results for: Twin City Scenic Company Collection PA43
1534 items found in 2409 ms.
Tormentor that accompanies Twin City Scenic Company collection MM009.
Asbestos curtain.
Sketch of building facade.
Interior drop with hanging tapestries.
Tormentor with blue draperies.
Olio drop of a circus tent interior.
Interior model piece.
Gold and tan wall sample.
Garden drop with a central fountain.
Ad drop with a river composition.
Street drop.
Town square with fountain.
Palace drop.
Composition includes ornate double doors.
Interior with heavy wood decoration and burgundy walls.
Interior drop.
Gold walls with wood molding.
Wood drop with a brook and flora.
Wood drop with a brook.
Interior drop with green panels and light molding.
Ad drop.
Drapery framed landscape.
Interior model piece.
Gray woodwork and walls with lavender panel and border.
Interior model piece.
Gray molding and purple walls.
Interior model piece.
Tan woodwork, lavender walls, rust panel, decorative top border.
Interior model piece.
Rosewood woodwork, gray walls, tan panel and decorative border.
Interior model piece.
Tan wall, striped panel and gold border.
Interior drop with marble columns and scenic panels.
Interior drop with ornate leaf pattern, scenic panels, and green drapes.
Interior drop with light molding and scenic panels.
Wood drop.
Composition includes a stream.
Model of a teaser with a scenic panel.
Interior with scenic country scenes.
Interior drop.
Composition includes a scenic rendition of an exterior scene.
Interior model piece.
Tan wood, lavender wall, green panel, and decorative top design.
Interior model piece.
Lavender woodwork, tan wall, rust panel, and decorative top border.
Interior model piece.
Light molding, blue walls, and geometric border.
Interior model piece.
Brown woodwork, rust walls, and double strip turquoise border.
Interior model piece.
Brown wall with blue border under cornice.
Interior Model Piece.
Light wood, rose walls, and flower border.
Interior model piece.
Gray wood, blue-green wainscoting, beige wall, and floral border.
Interior model piece.
Gold walls and decorative border.
Interior model piece.
Gray molding, tan wallpaper and floral pattern.
Garden drop.
Cut drop with three sets of evenly spaced trees.
Ad drop.
Composition of city and automobile.
Olio drop.
Patio with classical arbor, mountains, and city across water.
Olio drop of a patio overlooking a distant city.
Model with city by the sea.
Sketch of automobiles in a park with columns.
There is a city in the distance.
Interior drop with gray molding and lavender walls.
Street drop.
Big city street scene includes central park.
Horizon drop.
The skyline of New York City with source photo attached.
Photograph of a colored rendering for an ad curtain.
Photograph of performers in front of a palatial interior.