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Corporate Records. Policy-making Bodies. Board Rosters. (Box 017, Folder 01)
Corporate Records. Annual Reports. Membership Corporation Reports. Membership Corporation Reports. (Box 021, Folder 04)
Public Relations. Office Materials. Membership Rosters. (Box 058, Folder 16)
Legal and Protective Measures. Legal Reference Files. Lobbying by ASHA. (Box 211, Folder 06)
Special Projects, 1939-1940, 1944-1946, 1959-1970s. South Bronx Youth Service System, 1970s. South Bronx NYPL Brochures. (Box 43, Folder 3)
This folder contains materials created/collected by the United Neighborhood Houses of New York, a federation of New York City settlement...
Education. Drug Abuse Projects. Selected Publications on Drug Dependence & Abuse Packet. (Box 093, Folder 04)
Publications. ASHA Publications. Social Health News. (Box 228, Folder 08)
Education. Drug Abuse Projects. Drug Abuse, Charles Winnick Articles. (Box 092, Folder 05)
Corporate Records. Policy-making Bodies. Board Correspondence. (Box 017, Folder 02)
Corporate Records. Policy-making Bodies. Minute Books. (Box 007, Folder 04)
Publications. Literature. Vonderlehr & Heller "The Control of Venereal Disease." (Box 141, Folder 11)
Publications. "Journal of Social Hygiene," Editorial Files. Kinsie Reviews. (Box 149, Folder 07)
Publications. "Journal of Social Hygiene," Editorial Files. Journal Articles, Pending. (Box 146, Folder 03)
Reference Sources. Research Subject Files circa 1960-1979. "Negroes." (Box 178, Folder 17)
This folder contains records created/collected by the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, now United Neighborhood...