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A Series of Sherlockian Photographs Taken By Doyle Beckemeyer, B.S.I.
Sherlock Holmes Note to Dr. Watson at Reichenbach Falls
Sherlockian Places
Letterhead for bookshop in Copenhagen
Sherlockian People
Text of Vincent Starrett's sonnet "221B" signed by Starrett "For Julian Wolff, M.D."
Sherlockian People
Newspaper article about Bill and Anne Rabe's honeymoon in Meiringen, Switzerland.
Sherlockian People
Letter from [HDT] to Nathan Bengis regarding "the photograph showing Mr. Smith presenting the Lamp of Diogenes."
Sherlockian People
Article from the Chicago Sun-Times about Vincent Starrett's grave in Graceland Cemetery.
Sherlockian People
Letter from The Vincent Starrett Centennial Fund