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The Prexy
Illustration, This is the Prexy. We all know him well. His favorite oath is -- (I don't like to tell)
Ed Sargent
Illustration, This is Ed. Sargent, pale and wan, a-learning how from brother John
J. B.
Illustration, J.B. is such a brutal person he's rather hard to write a verse on.
Emil, Noble Teuton
Illustration, And this is Emil, noble Teuton. He has a handsome winter suit on
Little Billy B.
Illustration, This is little Billy B. as fine a sport as one may see
Begins with G
Illustration, This golfer's name begins with G. That's all you'll ever drag from me
Seymour's Golfing Pants
Illustration, These are Seymour's golfing pants. They give him quite a graceful stance
Illustration, But both men couldn't lose the cup so Tony had to win -- one up!
Illustration, Tony & Johnny were 2 pretty men they played & played till the clock struck 10
Mr. Benny Hurd
Illustration, This is Mr. Benny Hurd. I shall not say a single word about the kind of golf he plays. I come to bury, not to praise
Alec, Canny Scot
Illustration, Some guy is Alec, canny Scot. How carefully he plays his shot! He got this whole blamed show up for us. "Some...
Diebitsch, Tall and Grand
Illustration, This is Diebitsch, tall and grand his trusty putter in his hand. Perhaps you think he's at the pole but he has...
Mr. Stevie Dorr
Illustration, This is Mr. Stevie Dorr who learned his golf before the war. He swings to hard he leaves the ground and often turns...
Mr. Jimmy Bolger
Illustration, This is Mr. Jimmy Bolger in khaki like a valiant soldier I like to play with Jimmy B. and Jimmy likes to play with...
Mr. Sumner White
Illustration, This is Mr. Sumner White. We often see this awful sight upon a peaceful Sabbath day when others go to church and pray....
The Guy That Scooped the Pot
Illustration, This is the guy that scooped the pot. I envy him an awful lot. He had 12 strokes. Mon Doo! Mon Doo! I think it was...
Marc Michael the Terrible Celt
Illustration, This is Marc Michael the terrible Celt addressing his ball for a horrible welt. He burns the whiskers off the tee--I'm...
Mr. Sterling Hayward
Illustration, This is Mr. Sterling Hayward. He drives that big gray murder car. His form is just a trifle wayward but still he gets...
H. Libby (of Libby & Lamb)
Illustration, This is H. Libby (of Libby & Lamb) I'm stuck on H. Libby yes, honest, I am
Little Freddy Steele
Illustration, This is little Freddy Steele who knows just how you fellow feel to find your form so awful sad. Believe me, his is...
Our Edwords, a Regular Guy
Illustration, This is our Edwords, a regular guy. He thinks he's no golfer. (and neither do I) the tears in his eyes interfere...
Al Leaman the King of the Glooms
Illustration, This is Al Leaman the king of the glooms. His favorite sport is examining tombs. He gives up the game fully 3 times...