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2002 YMCA Directory
1998 YMCA Directory
Photographs, Postcards, Clippings. Board Recruitment-Prospects. (Box 9, Folder 23)
Publications. Literature. Vonderlehr & Heller "The Control of Venereal Disease." (Box 141, Folder 11)
Scrapbook (4 f1a)
Miscellaneous. The Rust Reporter.
The Gopher, Volume 27, 1914
Annual publication of the student body of the University of Minnesota
Plane News
The Survey Graphic, October, 1934. (Volume 23, Issue 10)
This is an issue of one of the Survey family of periodicals. The Survey was titled the Charities Review, Charities and the Commons...
Publications. "Journal of Social Hygiene," Editorial Files. Kinsie Reviews. (Box 149, Folder 07)
Subject Files, 1950-2006. Clipping Files, undated, 1962-2000. Economics.
Catalogs. Reviews. (Box 9, Folder 4)
A thousand ways to please a husband with Bettina's best recipes
Publications. "Journal of Social Hygiene," Editorial Files. Journal Articles, Pending. (Box 146, Folder 03)
Reference Sources. Research Subject Files circa 1960-1979. "Negroes." (Box 178, Folder 17)
This folder contains records created/collected by the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers, now United Neighborhood...
Subject Files, 1950-2006. Clipping Files, undated, 1962-2000. Food, Population, Forestry, Environment.
Photographs, Postcards, Clippings. Newspaper Clippings and Articles. (Box 12, Folder 6)
A YMCA Canteen Worker in 'The Great War': The Diaries and Letters of Emma Young Dickson (Box 6)
Transcription of the war-time diaries and letters of Emma Young Dickson, along with biographical and other background information...
Psychology Department, Elliott's Lecture Notes. Psychology 114, Human Behavior, Elliott's Lecture Notes. (Box 3, Folder 30)
The collection consists of the papers of Richard M. Elliott, professor and chairman of the Psychology Department at the University...
Biographical Material, undated, 1930-2002. Biographical.