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Collections currently in the UMedia Archive:

  • Exploring Minnesota's Natural History
  • Green Revolution
    The term “The Green Revolution” was coined in the 1960s. It describes advances in food crop production that occurred with the development of disease resistant, high-yielding crops, initially wheat, maize and potato. These advances occurred simultaneously with intensified graduate education in plant nutrition, soil and pest management principles. University of Minnesota alumni and faculty were seminal in the initial staffing, nurturing and shaping of what was to become a worldwide, collaborative effort. The University of Minnesota Libraries has digitized the records of the principals of the Green Revolution, the worldwide collaborative effort to expand food crop production that traces its roots to the University of Minnesota in the first half of the 20th century. The project’s centerpiece is the Norman E. Borlaug Papers, 1930-2006, which are frequently used by students, faculty, and independent scholars.
  • Moses Barron Papers, 1911-1978
  • Gopher Yearbooks
  • Junior F. Hayden Botanical Photograph Collection
    Junior F. Hayden, a resident of Minneapolis, donated his botanical photography to the University of Minnesota's Department of Botany in 1950. Mr. Hayden's subject was the flora of Minnesota. The photographs consist of approximately 3,000 color Kodachrome slides of botanical specimens taken in the field and in the studio. Along with the slides, Mr. Hayden provided funds and instructions to make the Hayden Collection of Botanical Slides "larger, better, or more available for use." In 2000, Prof. Edward J. Cushing sent approximately 1,000 slides to the Kodak Company to be digitized. Bell Museum Curators, George Weiblen and Anita Cholewa, verified the names of plant species depicted in the digital images using the University of Minnesota herbarium database in 2011. The Hayden Botanical Slide Collection is part of the Department of Botany records available at the University of Minnesota Archives.
  • Photograph Collection
    Photographs of University of Minnesota campuses, people, and activities, 1870s - present. Includes images of staff, faculty, students, buildings, construction, classes, research, athletics, artworks.
  • Video and Audio Collection
    Footage and audio of University of Minnesota events and activities. Includes athletics, lectures, commencement ceremonies, concerts, and experiments.