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Cuneiform Inscriptions

The University of Minnesota owns nineteen artifacts inscribed in cuneiform, the script of ancient Mesopotamia. This collection comprises sixteen clay tablets, two clay cones, and one inscribed and sealed clay tag. These documents include sixteen administrative records from various cities of Sumer in the Ur III period (late 3rd millennium BCE), and three short royal inscriptions from the cities of Isin and Uruk in the early Old Babylonian period (early 2nd millennium BCE). Most of the texts were published in 1961 by Tom B. Jones, then professor of ancient history at the University of Minnesota, and John W. Snyder (Sumerian economic texts from the third Ur dynasty; a catalogue and discussion of documents from various collections. University of Minnesota Press.) They are now made available to the public in new editions, including transliterations, translations, and photographs, through digital media.