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Basic Search

The basic search box searches for term(s) found anywhere in the entire record, inlcluding the OCR'd page text when appropriate. Both archival collections as well as user-managed collections will be included in the search results.

Expert Search

The Expert Search option allows for retrieval based on specific field searches. Users can further narrow their search parameters by using a combination of up to four field searches. An initial drop-down box allows users to search for all, any or none of the words in their search request. Additionally, Boolean terms AND and OR can be used to create a more complex or expert search request. Users may opt to search across all the collections or to focus their search on a single collection or any combination of collections (hold the CTRL key or Command/Apple key to select multiple collections).

Field search options include:

  • Entire Record—Searches across the entire record, including the OCR'd page text when appropriate.
  • Title—Searches the title and alternative title fields.
  • Creators—Searches both the creator and contributor fields.
  • Subject—Searches the subject field.
  • Geography—Searches all of the geographic fields, including: continent, country, region, state or province, and city.
  • Local Identifier—Searches the local identifier field.
  • Physical Form—Searches the physical form field.
  • Date—Searches the date field.
  • Resource Type—Searches the type of resource field. Options include: cartographic, mixed material, moving image, notated music, sound recording - Musical, sound Recording - nonmusical, still image, text, and three dimensional object.
  • Annotations—Searches across the annotations, notes, description and caption fields.

Helpful Hints

  • Search for complete phrases by using quotation marks. Words enclosed in double quotes (e.g. "Scenic Collections") will return only those results that appear in the record precisely in the order you entered them.
  • The asterisk symbol ' * ' acts as a wildcard. For example, entering 'swed* ' in the keyword search box will return all items with the word Swede, Sweden, Swedish etc.
  • Boolean operators AND and OR are available through the expert search option.

UMedia Archive Metadata Guidelines

The UMedia Archive Metadata Guidelines provide users with detailed assistance on creating descriptive information about the objects they are uploading.