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Ames Library of South Asia

Classical Urdu Poetry
General Collection
This collection includes maps, illustrations and photographs dating from the 18th through the 20th century.
Introduction to Punjabi
Introduction to Pushto
Journal of Indian Art
Seventeen volume publication documenting the rich cultural traditions of colonial-era India between 1886 and 1916.

Stereoscopic Images of India
Armchair travel in India, circa 1900: The stereoscopic experience


Andersen Horticultural Library


Charles Babbage Institute

Association for Computing Machinery
Selected images and materials of this educational and scientific computing society founded in 1947 as the Eastern Association for Computing Machinery, documenting its administration, operations, projects and its Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which represent virtually every major area of computing.
Burroughs Corporation
The collection contains the records of the Burroughs Corporation, and its predecessors the American Arithmometer Company and Burroughs Adding Machine Company. Materials include corporate records, photographs, films and video tapes, scrapbooks, papers of employees and records of companies acquired by Burroughs.
Control Data Corporation
The Control Data Corporation Records documents the company's operations, goals, plans, and products from its inception in 1957 to 1992.
The COOK Report on Internet
The COOK Report on Internet Protocol is a journal focused on Internet related technology and policy. It was started in the spring of 1992 by Gordon Cook, the journal’s sole editor and publisher, following an 18-month tenure at the United States Congress Office of Technology Assessment.
Fragile Publications
Oral History Collections
CBI holds one of the world's largest collections of research-grade oral history interviews relating to the history of computers, software, and networking. Most of the oral histories have been developed in conjunction with grant-funded research projects on topics such as the development of the software industry, the influence of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the early history of computer science departments.


James Ford Bell Library

Atlantic World Collection
Historical Maps
Rare and historic maps from the collections of the James Ford Bell Library.
Spanish American Political Texts
John Gabriel Stedman Archive and Book Manuscript


Bell Museum of Natural History

Francis Lee Jaques Collection
This collection of paintings, illustrations and other art from famed Minnesota artist, Francis Lee Jaques, includes work currently in the permanent collection of the Bell Museum of Natural History.


Nathan and Theresa Berman Upper Midwest Jewish Archives


John R. Borchert Map Library


Botanical Images from the Collections of the University Libraries


Business Library

Historical Annual Reports
Early annual reports for some of Minnesota's largest companies including 3M, Honeywell, Pillsbury, Super Valu, and Hormel.


Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies


Children's Literature Research Collections

Beadle's Weekly
Beadle's Weekly featured serialized stories from numerous authors presented in a story paper format. Marketed to both children and adults alike, this publication ran from 1882-1885. This collection is comprised of three volumes totaling 156 issues.
The Illustrated Police News
Kerlan Collection Artwork
Original children's literature artwork and illustrations from the Kerlan Collection.
Kerlan Collection Manuscripts
Original children's literature manuscripts and production material from the Kerlan Collection.
The Oz Collection
A personal collection of Oziana and other Baum-related children's literature collected by Laura Jane Musser throughout her lifetime.
Pulp Novel Covers


Department of American Indian Studies

Images and documents from the collections of the University of Minnesota's Department of American Indian Studies.


East Asian Library

Ming Gazetteer Images
The illustrations found in Local Gazetteers of Ming dynasty depict local geography, governmental centers, religious sites, education units, rivers, canals, mountains, city walls and other cultural life and are rich and unique resource for study.
Manzanar Free Press
The Manzanar Free Press was a newspaper published by Americans of Japanese descent who were interned at the Manzanar War Relocation Center located near Manzanar, California. This center was operated by the War Relocation Authority from 1942-1945.


First Flights


Givens Collection of African American Literature

African American Literature
This collection contains images of book covers and jackets from books held by the Givens Collection. These images are a rich and diverse visual accompaniment to the books themselves and highlight the artistry of the book illustrators commissioned to visually represent the written word.
Lou Bellamy Rare Book Collection
Federal Writers' Project Narratives by Formerly Enslaved Peoples Collection
Givens Collection Ephemera
Givens Collection Pamphlets
Givens Collection Playbills and Programs
E. Ethelbert Miller Collection
Penumbra Theatre Company Records
Penumbra Theatre Playbills
A collection of playbills documenting the work of the Penumbra Theatre, the Twin Cities' preeminent African American theater company.
Sara Roberson Collection


Immigration History Research Center Archives


Institute for Advanced Study

Institute for Advanced Study


Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies

AIDS Poster Collection
GLBT Pride Poster Collection
GAZE TV Collection
Transgender Oral History Project
The Transgender Oral History Project of the Upper Midwest will empower individuals to tell their story, while providing students, historians, and the public with a more rich foundation of primary source material about the transgender community. The project is part of the Tretter Collection at the University of Minnesota. The archive provides a record of GLBT thought, knowledge and culture for current and future generations and is available to students, researchers and members of the public.


Kautz Family YMCA Archives

Emma Young Dickson Papers
Scrapbook diaries of Emma Young Dickson, documenting her service with the YMCA in France during World War I. Finding aid available at
Foreign Secretary Reports from China
Collection of over 1000 reports written by approximately 120 YMCA secretaries working across China between 1896 and 1949. The reports describe not only the progress of YMCA work in the various cities to which the secretaries were sent, but also local social conditions, politics, and more. Finding aid available at:
Image Collection
New York YMCA Annual Reports
Annual reports of the YMCA of the City of New York, YMCA of Greater New York, Brooklyn Young Men's Christian Association, and Brooklyn and Queens Young Men's Christian Association for the period 1852-2000. Reports include statistical summaries of programs, members and buildings amd also lists names of committee and board members as well as staff. Finding aid available at:
Records of YMCA International Work in China, 1890-1991
Subject files and portions of the correspondence and reports documenting YMCA work in China from the late 1890s to the late 1940s. Finding aid available at:
Records of YMCA International Work in Palestine and Israel
Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, architectural data and drawings, audio recordings, printed material, and other records of the work of the American YMCA movement in Palestine and Israel. The bulk of the files concern Jerusalem, with particularly rich documentation on the the construction of the YMCA's landmark West Jerusalem (Jerusalem International YMCA) building. Also included in the records are files concerning YMCA work in other areas of the region, especially East Jerusalem, as well as Peniel-by-Galilee, Nazareth, and other locales. Finding aid available at:
Video and Audio Collection
Trench and Camp Newspaper - Camp Cody
Trench & Camp Newspaper - Camp Upton
A nearly complete run of the Camp Upton (Long Island, N.Y.) edition of Trench and Camp, a newspaper published by the National War Work Council of the YMCA, in partnership with various city newspapers, for soldiers during WWI. The paper was printed in different editions for each of the many camps, with about half the material supplied weekly from a central editorial office, and half by local reporters. Its purpose was “to print the news, to inform, to stimulate, and to help relieve the tedium and monotony of camp life” for soldiers, as well as “to be a graphic account of the life of our soldiers, whether they be drilling or fighting, at home or ‘over there’” for civilians. In addition, each Trench and Camp was a channel of communication to the troops from the President, Congress, and War Department. Finding aid available at
YMCA of the USA Yearbooks and Directories, 1854-2002
Finding aid available at


Learning Resources Center


Magrath Library


Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station

Image Collection
MAES funds faculty researchers in five colleges at the University of Minnesota, as well as research at Research and Outreach Centers across the state. This research supports Minnesota's natural resources and agricultural industries, as well as improving the quality of life of Minnesotans through research on food, human nutrition, and family and community development.


Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA)

National Sustainable Agriculture Oral History Project
The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA) is a unique partnership between the University of Minnesota's College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, University of Minnesota Extension, and the Sustainers' Coalition, a group of individuals and community-based nonprofit organizations. The purpose of The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA) is to bring together the diverse interests of the agricultural community with interests from across the University community in a cooperative effort to develop and promote sustainable agriculture in Minnesota and beyond. This Archive was created by Ron Krose of Garden Avenue Associates and former Senior Fellow in the Endowed Chair in Sustainable Agriculture. Email:


Music Library


Northwest Architectural Archives

American Terra Cotta Company
The collection contains shop drawings in ink on linen, paper and prints from the American, Indianapolis, Midland, and Winkle Terra Cotta Companies plus hundreds of photographs (prints and negatives), office indexes, order books, and advertising brochures.
Leroy S. Buffington Papers
The collection includes plans, specifications, sketches, renderings, scrapbook and photos from the practice of a prominent Minneapolis architect.
Ellerbe Architects Papers Collection
The collection contains images of several buildings, including the working drawings for the Mayo Clinic 1914 building and Mayo's Plummer Building, the St. Paul City Hall & Courthouse, the Chateau Dodge Theater in Rochester, MN, the Blackhawk Hotel of Davenport, Iowa, and several private residences.
Forecast Public Art Archives
This archival collection contains the records from Forecast Public Art, a St. Paul-based nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the study of and support for public art.
John H. Howe Papers
The collection contains plans, renderings, photographs and other materials by John H. Howe, architect.
Larson and McLaren Papers
The Larson & McLaren Papers collection includes drawings, contracts, specifications, and photographs for residences, hospitals, schools, stores and banks, most located in Minneapolis. Representative of the structures documented in the collection are: the Federal Reserve Bank (by Cass Gilbert, 1921-1924) and its later tower addition by Larson and McLaren (1955); the LaSalle Store and Office Building (1923-1950); Groveland Apartment Hotel (1929); North High School (1971); Baker Office Building (1927-1928); Donaldson's Glass Block (department store) (by Long and Kees, 1895); Foshay Tower (by Magney and Tusler, 1929); and numerous residences of the 1920s-1950s. Also included are plans for the refacing of major department stores such as Donaldson's (Minneapolis) and J.C. Penney stores in Minneapolis and Rochester, as well as the Radisson Hotel (Minneapolis, 1947-1955). Not all of these structures are represented by images here.
Liebenberg and Kaplan Papers
Liebenberg and Kaplan were noted for designing more than 200 motion picture theatres in the Upper Midwest, many of the early ones featuring an art deco style. The firm also designed private residences, radio and television stations, commercial structures, hospitals, and synagogues, including Temple Israel in Minneapolis.

Among the original drawings for theatres in the collection are those documenting the Hollywood (1935), Varsity (1938), Uptown (1939), Granada (later Suburban World) (1928), Campus (ca. 1940), Terrace (1955), all in Minneapolis; the Fargo in Fargo, North Dakota (1936); the Egyptian, Sioux Falls, South Dakota (1938); Maco, Virginia, Minnesota (1940); and Norshor, in Duluth (1940-41).
Edwin H. Lundie Papers
The collection represents the work of master draftsman and architect Edwin H. Lundie. Included are renderings, working drawings for his buildings, and photographs.
Pioneer-Endicott Building Plans
William Gray Purcell Papers
The Collection contains drawings, including plans, elevations and sections for much of the firm's work, together with renderings, sketches, photographs and correspondence.
Stock Plan Books
William Channing Whitney Collection
Starting in 1885, Whitney began his own practice and soon became one of the Twin Cities’ most fashionable residential architects, designing homes for William Dunwoody (1905), Frank Heffelfinger (1902), and Thomas Irvine (1910-1911); the Irvine house is now the Governor’s Mansion in St. Paul. Whitney was a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts and a strong proponent of city parks and beautification. His office was a training center for many young architects, such as C.B. Chapman, Adam L. Dorr, and Serenus Colburn. William Whitney died on August 23, 1945.
Minneapolis Architecture, 1848-1908
The images contained in this collection comprise the entire set of illustrations used by Dr. Donald Torbert for his Ph.D. thesis Minneapolis Architecture and Architects, 1848-1908; A study of Style Trends in Architecture in a Midwestern City Together with a Catalogue of Representative Buildings, written in 1951.

Dr. Torbert's thesis remains the foundational work upon which subsequent architectural studies of the city are founded. It is a comprehensive and accurate, especially given the general lack of resources at the time it was written.

The illustrations were derived from a number of sources, but the bulk of images came from the collections of the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minneapolis Public Library Special Collections. The University of Minnesota does not own these images, and they have been provided online as reference images only.

It is incumbent upon the user to secure all proper citations and permissions for reproduction of these works. A print copy of the thesis is housed in the Northwest Architectural Archives, and researchers are encouraged to consult that work for further information about sources and citations.


Performing Arts Archives

Guthrie Theater Archives
Collection includes play production material for every production staged, including promptbooks; correspondence; information on members of the theater company, including biographical sketches, résumés, and photos; lighting plans, stage plans and layouts, dressing room assignments, notes kept by the stage manager during rehearsals, and rehearsal schedules; equity files; purchase orders; office memos; scrapbook of clippings concerning theater productions and affairs; and programs, brochures, flyers, and news releases produced for the theater and The Other Place, its experimental outgrowth. The UMedia Archive contains several video recordings undertaken by the theater.
Minnesota Dance Pioneer Oral History Project
Minnesota Dance Theatre Records
Minnesota Orchestra
The collection includes photographs, negatives, slides, and transparencies of Minnesota Orchestra music directors, musicians and staff, Orchestra Hall and other venues, and concerts, tours, and other events.
Scenic Collections
The scenery collection in the University of Minnesota's Performing Arts Archives is composed of three parts: the Twin City Scenic Company collection (PA43), the Great Western Stage Equipment Company Collection(PA44), and the Holak collection(PA49). The overall collection is the only one of its scope in the United States, and uniquely documents the technical environment of the popular stage during the late-nineteenth through early-twentieth century. Renderings and materials related to Freemason ceremonial performances are heavily represented in the Holak and Great Western collections
James Sewell Ballet Records
James Sewell Ballet was founded in New York City by Minneapolis native James Sewell and Sally Rouse and brought to Minnesota in 1992. The critically acclaimed JSB is one of the most important contemporary ballet companies in the country, consistently exploring the technical and artistic boundaries of ballet. This collection contains audiovisual material from the archives.


School of Journalism and Mass Communication


School of Public Health

James A. Hamilton Collection
This collection contains selected writings, journal articles, speeches and reports by James A. Hamilton, founder of the University of Minnesota’s Program in Hospital Administration. Hamilton taught in the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health from 1946 to 1966. He was active outside the University as well and was a pioneer in healthcare management education and healthcare policy. He served as chair of a number of organizations, including the American College of Healthcare Executives and the American Hospital Association. Hamilton also chaired the Commission on University Education in Hospital Administration. This commission laid the foundation for healthcare administration education in the United States. He also owned his own consulting firm, Hamilton Associates.


Social Welfare History Archives

American Social Health Association Records, 1905-1990
The records chronicle the American Social Health (originally "Hygiene") Association's efforts to control and prevent venereal disease, prostitution, and drug addiction through educational, legal, and medical measures. The records reflect considerable interaction with the armed forces, particularly during periods of war or full mobilization. Field reports document conditions in individual cities and the influence of housing, recreation, sanitation, and other factors on vice and public health. Financial sections reflect the development of federated fund-raising and its impact on a national association's program. Activities of longtime executives and staff members William Snow, C. Walter Clarke, Bascom Johnson, and Paul Kinsie are extensively documented. Also included are extensive files of printed materials on social hygiene produced by ASHA.
"Addict in the Street" Audio Collection
The Addict in the Street audio recordings are a series of interviews with drug addicts conducted during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s by Ralph Tefferteller, associate director of the Henry Street Settlement on New York City’s Lower East Side. The recordings form part of the Ralph and Ruth Tefferteller papers in the Social Welfare History Archives.
The Job is Never Done: 50 Years of Documenting Social Welfare History
An exhibit of historical materials celebrating the Social Welfare History Archives’ 50th Anniversary. Founded in 1964 by University of Minnesota Professor Emeritus, Clarke Chambers, the Archives preserves the history of social work, social service and social reform in the 20th Century.

Documents in the exhibit highlight the organized charity movement; the origins of federal government programs; the "war on poverty" and the welfare rights movement; international migration; the social work profession: community centers, recreation and camping; housing and urban planning; child and family welfare issues; public health; and social issues surrounding race, gender, sexual identity, religion and ability. The exhibit also includes documents from the Archives’ office files to tell the “behind the scenes” story of collecting and caring for the historical records of the individuals, organizations and communities that shaped the history of reform and social service in the United States.

The quotation "The job is never done" is from Eveline M. Burns' presidential address to the National Conference on Social Welfare in 1958, “Social Welfare is our Commitment.”
Minneapolis YWCA Records
Social Work Yearbooks, 1929-1960
United Neighborhood Houses of New York Records


Special Collections and Rare Books

Cuneiform Inscriptions
This collection contains nineteen artifacts inscribed in cuneiform, the script of ancient Mesopotamia. This collection comprises sixteen clay tablets, two clay cones, and one inscribed and sealed clay tag.These documents include sixteen administrative records from various cities of Sumer in the Ur III period (late 3rd millennium BCE), and three short royal inscriptions from the cities of Isin and Uruk in the early Old Babylonian period (early 2nd millennium BCE).
Fifty Original Leave from Medieval Manuscripts - Otto Ege Collection
These fifty manuscript leaves were selected to illustrate the art of the manuscript during the period of its greatest development and influence. They have been taken from books written in various European scriptoria by Benedictine, Franciscan, Carthusian, Dominican, and other orders of monks. Many are enriched with handsome borders, initial letters, and line-endings rendered in color, and twenty-five are illuminated with burnished gold or silver. The texts include the Bible, various church service books, the writings of the Church Fathers, and some of the classics.
Sherlock Holmes Collections
The Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota Libraries constitute the world’s largest gathering of material related to Sherlock Holmes and his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Collections consist of over 60,000 items including books, journals, and a wide variety of other forms through which the transformation of the Holmes character from the printed page to a cultural icon can be traced.
Individual Medieval Manuscript Leaves
A collection of individual manuscript leaves held by the Special Collections & Rare Books unit of the University of Minnesota Libraries and housed in the Elmer L. Andersen Library.
Arthur Kleiner Collection
The Kleiner Collection contains music scores, both printed and manuscripts, for nearly 700 silent films. Some of the scores are Kleiner’s own compositions, adaptations, or arrangements; the majority are by other composers. Most of the scores are for English-language films, but a significant number are for German, French, or Swedish-language films. The collection also includes slides, correspondence, programs, contracts, books, reel and cassette tapes, and other archival material.
Eugene J. McCarthy Collection
The Eugene J. McCarthy Collection includes audio and image files related to Senator McCarthy's campaigns for President of the United States in 1968, 1972, and 1976 along with other personal appearances and speaking engagements.
Joseph S. Mertle Collection on the History of Photomechanics
The Mertle Collection contains original books, journals, photographs, and manuscripts relating to photographic processes in printing from the early period to the middle of the twentieth century.
Papyri and Ostraka Collection
The University of Minnesota's collection of documents from ancient Egypt consists of twenty-one fragments of papyri written in Greek, one fragment written in Egyptian hieroglyphic script, and two ostraka, one in Greek, the other in demotic Egyptian.
Photochrom Collection
Postcard Collection
Friedrich Wachtsmuth Archive, 1929-1938
Archive collection of the German archaeologist's work, focusing mainly on the 1929-1932 excavations in the ancient Parthian and Sassanian city of Ktesiphon (Ctesiphon), now in modern day Iraq.


University of Minnesota Archives

Audio Collection
Bisbila University High School Yearbook
Corn Tassel Southern School of Agriculture Yearbook
William Skinner Cooper papers
Exploring Minnesota's Natural History

Green Revolution
The term “The Green Revolution” was coined in the 1960s. It describes advances in food crop production that occurred with the development of disease resistant, high-yielding crops, initially wheat, maize and potato. These advances occurred simultaneously with intensified graduate education in plant nutrition, soil and pest management principles. University of Minnesota alumni and faculty were seminal in the initial staffing, nurturing and shaping of what was to become a worldwide, collaborative effort.

The University of Minnesota Libraries has digitized the records of the principals of the Green Revolution, the worldwide collaborative effort to expand food crop production that traces its roots to the University of Minnesota in the first half of the 20th century. The project’s centerpiece is the Norman E. Borlaug Papers, 1930-2006, which are frequently used by students, faculty, and independent scholars.

Moses Barron Papers, 1911-1978
Richard Maurice Elliott Papers
Gopher Yearbooks
Junior F. Hayden Botanical Photograph Collection
Junior F. Hayden, a resident of Minneapolis, donated his botanical photography to the University of Minnesota's Department of Botany in 1950. Mr. Hayden's subject was the flora of Minnesota. The photographs consist of approximately 3,000 color Kodachrome slides of botanical specimens taken in the field and in the studio. Along with the slides, Mr. Hayden provided funds and instructions to make the Hayden Collection of Botanical Slides "larger, better, or more available for use." In 2000, Prof. Edward J. Cushing sent approximately 1,000 slides to the Kodak Company to be digitized. Bell Museum Curators, George Weiblen and Anita Cholewa, verified the names of plant species depicted in the digital images using the University of Minnesota herbarium database in 2011. The Hayden Botanical Slide Collection is part of the Department of Botany records available at the University of Minnesota Archives.
Evergreen North Central School of Agriculture Yearbooks
Photograph Collection
Photographs of University of Minnesota campuses, people, and activities, 1870s - present. Includes images of staff, faculty, students, buildings, construction, classes, research, athletics, artworks.
Senior and Agrarian School of Agriculture Yearbooks
Video Collection
Footage and audio of University of Minnesota events and activities. Includes athletics, lectures, commencement ceremonies, concerts, and experiments.


Upper Midwest Literary Archives


Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine


War Posters

A collaborative project between the University of Minnesota Libraries and the Hennepin County Library, this collection contains posters from government, commercial, and charitable organizations. These collections are multi-national in scope and cover veterans' benefits, war bonds and loans, military recruitment and morale, civil defense, industrial production, freedom and loyalty campaigns, international welfare organizations, prices and rationing, transportation, health and safety, labor organizations, films and theatre, food production, sports and leisure, recruiting of women in military and non-combatant organizations, special events, anti-war movements, and other topics.


Wilson Library

Le Rire: Journal Humoristique
A French language humor magazine. Includes issues published from 1894-1904.


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