University of Minnesota
University Relations

The University of Minnesota Libraries provide the UMedia Archive access and content archiving service (hereafter referred to as the "Service") in support of accomplishing the University's mission of instruction, research, and service outreach. Specifically, the Libraries offer the Service to support the digital products and processes of scholarship, instruction and cultural endeavors through the collection, mediation, and preservation of information resources in numerous media formats. Use of the Service is expected to align with these intentions.

Terms of Service

  1. Eligibility. The Service provides basic search, retrieval, and display services on a publicly available, open access basis. Account-based services, which includes the privilege to upload and describe content for purposes supported by the Service, are available to all current or emeriti faculty and staff members, and current students of the University of Minnesota. The University Libraries intend to provide access to the Service to account holders as long as he or she has an active, eligible U of M Internet Account.

  2. Policy. Use of the Service is subject to all applicable University of Minnesota policies and local, state, and federal law. Applicable University policies include but are not limited to:

    1. Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

      Users must be particularly aware of the “User Rights and Responsibilities” section of this policy, which outlines liability for personal communication, privacy and security issues, and consequences of violations. Users should also be aware of the policy’s section on “University's Rights and Responsibilities,” as well as any additional requirements of their individual unit or campus.
    2. Including a Privacy Statement on U Web Pages
    3. User Authentication for Access to University Computer Resources
    4. Academic Freedom and Responsibility

  3. Service Description.

    1. Registration -- current or emeriti faculty and staff members, and current students of the University of Minnesota are eligible to establish an account with and contribute to the Service. An initiated U of M Internet ID and Password is required to do so.
    2. Cost -- as part of its overall program of services to the University, the Libraries provide the Service at no cost to eligible users.
    3. Copyright -- the copyright and all related rights to original work contributed to the Service is owned by and is the sole responsibility of its contributor(s). In making contributions to the Service, the user consents fully to the stated Deposit Agreement.
    4. Practices Regarding Archiving of Contributions

      • The University Libraries intends to perpetually archive and provide access to files and metadata submitted to the Service for non-commercial, scholarly, instructional, and cultural purposes.
      • The Service may establish limits regarding use of the Service and may modify these limits at any time.
    5. Disclaimer of Warranties -- the Service is offered at the user’s own risk. The Service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
    6. Modifications to Service -- the University Libraries reserve the right to change, at any time, at the Libraries’ sole discretion, the provisions of the Service.