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$1,000,000 national campaign for work among our soldiers and sailors : Dec. 2-9, 1917 : War Work Committee : the Sal
$100,000 "Sun" Tobacco Fund : we did our "bit" to reach the first one hundred thousand mark -- now we are going to h
10,000 Lakes or More - Boating Opportunities
100 feet elevation. Equisetum hiemale up to 5 feet tall along Puyallup River
100% She deserves the same
100+ year-old stand of Scotch pine planted at the Cloquet Forestry Center, University of Minnesota.
100 Years of Student Drawings: John Cunningham, Jane Hession, and Katherine Solomonson, Dec. 2014
100 Years Sherlock Holmes
10-Story office building, Minneapolis, Minnesota
10 ton logging truck of Walla Company fallen off edge of road
1147. P.Z.-Flüelen
119 Small Engravings
120 degree Weir
1245. P.Z.-Ticino Ferrovia S. Gottardo
125-150 ton granite glacial boulder from excavation for new domed stadium on way to new home at Plymouth 1st National Bank
125th Anniversary Celebration, 1978. (Box 1, Folder 20)
125th Anniversary Celebration book, "Selected Black Leaders of the YMCA," 1978. (Box 1, Folder 21)
12 March 1973
12-Story office building
12th Semi-annual report, 1960-1961 (Box 2, Folder 21)