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Episode 001: Beyond Seminar for Bi Women
Episode 002: GLBT Pride 2002
Episode 003: Elsie Matheson
Episode 004: Bill Burleson: Founder of Bi Cities
Episode 005: Dr Fritz Klein, Hann Blank & Bill Burleson: @BECAUSE 2002: in Milwaukee
Episode 006: Scott Bartell: Twin Cities Bi Activist
Episode 007: Danetter Peterson: BOP - Bisexual Organizing Project
Episode 008: Betsy Warner: Bisexualtiy and Gender
Episode 009: Discussion on Bisexuality - Experiences on Coming out and being Bi
Episode 010: Rob Yaeger: Bi Activist and co-founder of BECAUSE
Episode 011: Dr Fritz Klein - Keynote at BECAUSE 2002
Episode 012: Rev. Anita Hill: St Paul Refirmation Lutheran Church - Her Historic Ordination in the film "Disobiedience"
Episode 013: Kathy Shane, Bent Fuqua, Aldous Tyler - discussing BECAUSE 2003
Episode 014: Al Bertke: Role of PFLAG in supporting LGBT community
Episode 015: Donald Whipple Fox - board member Philanthrofund - Philantrofund and being a Souix twin spirited man
Episode 016: Laura Ayers - Executive Director of District 202
Episode 017: Al Oertwig: St Paul School Board Chair - programs for LGBT youth in St Paul Schools
Episode 018: Dr. Fritz Klein, Richard Woulfe - Bisexual Foundation @ BECAUSE 2003
Episode 019: Lou Hoffman, Martin Quam: Bi History in the Twin Cities
Episode 020: Heidi Ameson: Bi Activist, Writer, Performer