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Accounts of the Finance, Volume 01-00
Accounts of the Finance, Volume 01-01
A continuation of Dr. Thomas Radford's Record of the Caesarean operations of Great Britain and Ireland
An Outline of Dr. Gibson's Lectures, Volume 17
An Outline of Dr. Hodge's Lecturs, Volume 18
Caesarean operations that have been performed in Philadelphia
Case histories, 1828-1859; Volume 13
Case histories, 1850-1860; Volume 14
Cattle-horn lacerations of the abdomen and uterus in pregnant women
Correspondence, Folder 01
Correspondence, Folder 02
Correspondence, Folder 03
Correspondence, Folder 04
Correspondence, Folder 05
Diagnois of Diseases of the Skin, Volume 21
Drawing and measurements, Volume 22
Further list of Sanger Caesarean operations as confirmed from the last list in the…
Harris photographs
List of Sanger Caesarean operations as performed in…