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Manuscript 10: Mid 15th century. Liturgal
Manuscript 11: Contrat de vente between a Jehan Marier and Jehan Boulanger
Manuscript 12: Bestiarium-possibly an excerpt from "De natura reram"
Manuscript 13: Psalter leaf, Psalm 19:8 through Psalm 21:6
Manuscript 14: Breviary leaf
Manuscript 15: Book of Hours leaf (Sarum Use)
Manuscript 16: Book of Hours leaf [Sarum Use]
Manuscript 17: Bible Leaf
Manuscript 18: Book of Hours, 1 leaf
Manuscript 19: Commentary or sermon on the incarnation of Jesus Christ in the tradition of the Thomists or Franciscans
Manuscript 1: Bond for 40 denarii (of Liege)
Manuscript 20: Book of Hours leaf [Sarum Use]
Manuscript 21: Unidentified, 13th century
Manuscript 22: Koran. 1 of 3 leaves written on rice paper
Manuscript 23: 14th century manuscript of the "sentences" of Peter Lombard
Manuscript 24: Catholic Church. Litany and Ritual. Hours
Manuscript 25: Leaf of Psalm 101
Manuscript 26: Leaf from Book of Hours
Manuscript 27: Breviary
Manuscript 28: Koran, one of three leaves on rice paper