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Album of letters to Dr. Paul Carton from various physicians, 1911-1912 : autograph manuscript and typescript.
A systematic treatise, historical, etiological and practical, on the principal diseases of the interior valley of North America : as they appear in the Caucasian, African, Indian, and Esquimaux varieties of its population
Barker's "komic picture" souvenir, Part 1
Barker's "komic picture" souvenir, Part 2
Barker's "komic picture" souvenir, Part 3
Barker's "komic picture" souvenir, Part 4
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 12-23
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 141-152
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 153-158
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 36-47
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 48-58
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 59-70
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 82-93
Botanische Wandtafeln, Numbers 94-105
Early recollections and life of Dr. James Still.
[Four illustrations from] Carpi Commentaria cum amplissimis additionibus super anatomia Mundini una cum textu ejusdem in pristinum & verum nitorem redacto.
[Four illustrations from] De la dissection des parties du corps humain diuisée en trois liures : faictz par Charles Estienne docteur em médecine avec les figures & declaratio des incisions, composees
[Four illustrations from] Tabulae anatomicae a Pietro Berrettino Cortonensi et a Cajetano Pietrioli Romano
[Four illustrations from] The book of household management : comprising information for the mistress ... also, sanitary, medical, & legal memoranda; with a history of the origin, properties, and uses of all things connected with home life and comfort
[Frontispiece from] Anatomiae, hoc est, corporis humani dissectionis pars prior : in qua singula quae ad caput spectant recensentur membra, atq[ue] singulae partes, singulis suis ad vivum commodissime expressis figuris, deliniantur : omnia recens nata : item Anatomia Porci, ex traditione Cophonis. Infantis, ex Gabriele de Zerbis