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1941 Duluth State Teachers College Homecoming court riding in a car with banner in downtown Duluth
Aad Shrine Circus member Howard Bakke handing ball to University of Minnesota Duluth men's football player Gary Egerdahl
Aarne’s First Face Mask In Progress
A.B. Anderson Hall
A.B. Anderson Hall dedication
A.B. Anderson Hall dedication
Abbey DeLisle holding cloth masks, #MaskUpMN
Action shot of University of Minnesota Duluth men's football player with ball
Acts of kindness - free quarters at a laundry
A Day in My Life ~ 6 Months into the COVID-19 Pandemic and Counting
Adele Holst, Philis Roberts, Joe Tomas, James Hillary in the UMD theatre production of the play "Vickie"
Adeline and Allen wearing face coverings
Adeline and Shana taking a social distancing walk at the Park Point beach
Adeline Wright, owner of Adeline Inc., at her salon on the last day of retail sales
Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing embroidered patches for COVID-19
Advertisement from Vikre Distillery for at-home cocktail kits
Aerial view of residence halls and football field
Aerial view of Village Apartments
A freshly painted blue door on a house in Duluth
African American History Week, UMD Library display and student