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Administration Areas
Aims and Objectives of The American College of Hospital Administrators
An Approach to the Hospital Personnel Problem
A National Approach to Hospital Problems
An Outstanding Year
Anticipated Changes in Economic Set-up and Educational Functions of the Hospital
Article, A Tribute to Jane Kenyon, in CSB/SJU Connections, August 28, 1997
Award of Merit for 1948
Blue Print For Action
Blueprint for Disaster Defense
Building Esprit De Corps
Civilian Health in War
Compilation of Articles and Speeches by James A. Hamilton
Contest Debate: Resolved, that a hospital's operating cost is the most equitable method to be used in obtaining reimbursement for care rendered subscribers to Blue Cross Plans
Copy of an article in Mist Journal, April 6, 1728
Copy of article in Mists Journal, April 6, 1728
Copy of article in The Daily Journal for Tuesday, July 23, 1728
Data and Research. Drag and Stability of Parachutes Wright Air Development Center, June 1956. (Box 8, Folder 3)
Description of the Falls of St. Anthony, their geographical location and features.
Determining the Need for Hospital Beds