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A cathedral interior with light streaming through window and onto an altar bible.
A council-chamber backdrop, depicting open country and the heavens.
Ad drop.
Ad drop depicting an Eastern wall.
Ad drop with a mountain vista.
Ad drop with composition of Eastern landscape.
Ad drop with landscape composition.
Ad drop with red draperies.
A landscape at dusk.
A mountain pass with rugged terrain.
Asbestos curtain.
Asbestos curtain.
Asbestos curtain depicting two sample colors and patterns.
Asbestos curtain for high shcool "LHS" cartouche
Asbestos curtain with half painted and half pencil sketch on cardboard.
Ascension cut drop with Jesus Christ and angels.
A treasury with a rose curtain.
Backdrop depicting waves crashing upon a rocky seashore.
Backdrop for the ascension of Jesus Christ.
Back drop of an Egyptian temple with two practical caryatids