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25000 boys wanted for the biggest job on earth : join the Pennsylvania Division United States Boys' Working Reserve
Abrechnung! : Nationalsozialisten! Warum leugnet ihr den volksverraterischen Pakt ab, den euer "Fuhrer" mit der Reic
After the welcome home-- a job!
Almanacco sociale
American labor ... : producing for attack
An Appeal by this railroad system to it's 225,000 men : the management reiterates its position favoring the settleme
Angela Bambace sitting, with a flower in her hair
Angela Bambace, standing, speaking into a microphone
Arbeiter! Dein Fuhrer hei?t Hitler! Hieruber spricht Pg. Volz in der Offentl. Kundgebung
Arbitration brings industrial peace : workmen and employers find benefits in "get-to-gethers" : Minnesota points way
Are : you : doing all you can?
Are you helping the Germans? : you are helping the Germans : when you use a motor car for pleasure... : set the righ
Arms and the women help with defense
Avoid fatigue : eat a lunch that packs a punch!
Battles can't wait : for those who are late
Be a waste warden : fight waste today for : victory : tomorrow!
Big things from little ideas grow : speed victory : let's have your ideas
Bonzen und Herrenk... , ... Mit dem schaffenden Volk ... , Heil Hitler , Herren - Club , Hugenberg , Deutschnational
British bombs and shells
British guns: no. 1 : the women behind the guns