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ACOM picnic
ACOM picnic
Bowling night
Boys' Department Activities: Boys playing games in the auditorium. The Boys' Department had such small rooms that when there we
Boys' Division Game Room
CCW employees play a game
Children's party
Drill by two thousand school girls in the new Tientsin Stadium on opening day of big North China meet, October 10, 1934.
Fire department game
Hitting a pinata at the newcomers' party
Italian-American entertainer
Japanese club
Japanese club
March of the athletes by provinces and cities at the first games in the Tientsin Stadium. "Double Tenth," October 10, 1934.
Nino Jesus Easter party
October 10, 1934 - Opening day of the new Tientsin Stadium with the North China Athletic Meet.
October 10th anniversary of the Chinese Republic was celebrated in Tientsin in 1934 by North China Track meet at the new Tientsi
Party favors
Peking Second Inner Police Ward Community Service Group
Playing bocce ball