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13th Quarterly Report October 1-December 31, 1907 Arthur Rugh, Shanghai
1919 Report Letter, E. L. Hall, August 25, 1919
1922 Administrative Report, Sianfu, China. July 25, 1923.
1922 Annual Report of H. J. Rounds, Changsha, Hunan, China
1923 Adminsitration Report of T. C. McConnell, Foochow, Fukien, China To The Foreign Department of Th International Committee Of The North Amercian Young Men's Christian Association
1924 Report of Work, A. J. Brace, Y.M.C.A., Chengtu
1927 Annual Report, George E. Lerrigo, Regional Secretary, National Committee Y. M. C. A. China For South China
1934-1935 Annual report Dwight W. Peiping (Rendered Aug. 22, 1935)
1937 Adimistrative Report of E. H. Munson
1946-1947 List of Resorts that Select or Restrict Clientele, Duluth Jewish Council, Duluth, Minnesota
1946 Rate Advertisement for Johnson's Cedar Lake Camp, Quiebell, Ontario, Canada
1948-49 Administrative Report, Frank Cooley, Student Christian Center, Shapingpa, Chungking, China, August 31, 1949.
1971 Mountain Plover notes
1971 Shaw Christmas Card
1971 YMCA Year Book and Official Roster, Volume 1
1971 YMCA Year Book and Official Roster, Volume 2
1972 Mountain Plover nests
1972 Mountain Plover plans and miscellaneous thoughts
1972 Shaw Christmas Card
1972 YMCA Yearbook and Official Roster, Volume 1