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Accuratissima totius Asiae tabula : in omnes partes divisa, de nova correcta, ac in lucem edita
A chart of the coast of Pegu : with the adjacent coast of Arakan and Tanasserim
A chart of the east Indian Ocean : from Cape Guardefoy to Cochin on the coast of Malabar.
A chart of the Indian Ocean : improved from the chart of M. D'Apres De Mannevillette ; with the addition of a part of the Pacifi
A chart of the northern part of the Bay of Bengal : between Point Palmiras and the Aracan shore
A compleat map of the East Indies : exhibiting the English territorial acquisitions
A corrected chart of part of the Persian Gulph
Ad antiquam Indiæ geographiam tabula : auctor d'Anville
Aerial map of Burma
Afghanistan : with additions to railways up to March 1892.