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Election and Political/Social Movement Buttons. (Box 11, Folder 1)
Research, Teaching and Teaching Materials, 1960-2008. Course Materials for ""The Negro in American History, 1492-1865"" University of Minnesota. (Box 6, Folder 13)
Research, Teaching and Teaching Materials, 1960-2008. Correspondence, Allan Spear and Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich. (Box 6, Folder 16)
Convocation On The Black Man In America, 350 Years. (Box 7, Folder 45)
Hate Mail. (Box 7, Folder 46)
Correspondence and Organizational Documents, Sandstone Afro-American Organization. (Box 7, Folder 47)
Royalty Statements for Black Chicago. (Box 8, Folder 4)
Campaign 1976, Spear vs. Steve Carter. (Box 4, Folder 24)
Elections and Politics 1868-1965. Minnesota Farmer Labor Party, Elmer Benson and John Bernard. (Box 6, Folder 27)
Committee for the [First] March on Washington. (Box 7, Folder 53)
Citations from Minnesota Civil Liberties Union and The Jean Nickolaus Tretter Archives. (Box 7, Folder 36)
Africa. (Box 7, Folder 30)
Afro-American History Seminar Lectures. (Box 4, Folder 1)
Application Form For Klu Klux Klan Membership. (Box 7, Folder 33)
Note cards for Talks on Aspects of African American History. (Box 4, Folder 7)
Note cards on the Topic of African-American Leadership and the Politics of Race in the United States. (Box 4, Folder 6)
Note cards with Personal Coming Out Story Delivered in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Box 4, Folder 10)