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McCarthy Wedding Photo
McCarthy with Maurice Tobin in 1948
McCarthy's First Congressional Portrait
McCarthy Shaking Hands
McCarthy Visiting American Embassy in Madrid
McCarthy with Daughters
Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy
Foreign Students Visiting Washington, D.C.
McCarthy and Humphrey with Cardinal Lercaro
McCarthy Riding a Horse
McCarthy Visiting Marist College
McCarthy with Fifth Grade Teacher
McCarthy with Visitors from MN
Senators with Clergy
Senator Thruston Morton with McCarthy
St. Scholastica Graduates with McCarthy
View of a Crowd in a Courtroom
Eugene J. McCarthy--Stevenson Nominating Speech
McCarthy and Boggs in New Orleans
McCarthy and Unidentified Man
McCarthy and Yarborough
McCarthy at Democratic Party Event
McCarthy, Humphrey and Duluth Steelworkers
McCarthy Speaking at Convention
McCarthy Visiting Members of New York Postal Union Clerks
McCarthy with 1960 St. Paul Mother of the Year
McCarthy with 4-H Participants
McCarthy with Catholic Group
McCarthy with Connecticut Politicians
Convent Students Visiting McCarthy
JFK and McCarthy
McCarthy and Father Walter
McCarthy at Humphrey's Birthday Party
McCarthy at Nursing School Commencement
McCarthy at St. Mary's College
McCarthy at St. Mary's College
McCarthy with Baseball Player
McCarthy With Cherry Blossom Princess Candidates
McCarthy with German Diplomat
McCarthy with MN Nurses Association
McCarthy with Motec Industries Employees
Northwest Airlines Employees in Washington
Student with McCarthy
Contest Winner from MN Meets McCarthy
Foreign Journalists with McCarthy
JFK and Donald Fraser
JFK and Donald Fraser at MSP Airport
JFK, Humphrey, and Fraser in MN
McCarthy and L.J. Twomey
McCarthy and Staff Member Looking at Books
McCarthy at JFK Signing Ceremony
McCarthy at Loyola School of Law
McCarthy at Loyola University
McCarthy at Loyola University Event
McCarthy at Microfilm Convention
McCarthy at the MN State Pharmaceutical Association Convention
McCarthy at U of MN Bookstore
McCarthy at Volunteer Recognition Meeting
McCarthy Meeting DFL Suburban Women in Minnesota
McCarthy Previewing Army Exhibit
McCarthy Serving MN Cheese
McCarthy Signing His Book
McCarthy Visiting New York College
McCarthy Visiting New York College
McCarthy with Conrad Hammar
McCarthy With Girls Nation Reps.
McCarthy with John F. Barrett
McCarthy With MN 4-H Attendees
McCarthy with MN Cherry Blossom Princess Candidates
McCarthy with MN Farmers
McCarthy with MN Farmers Union
McCarthy with MN WAVES in Washington
McCarthy With Satellite Model
McCarthy with Supporters in New York
McCarthy with Vikings Football Player
MN High School Students in Washington
St. Paul High School Visits Washington
Duluth Little League Team in Washington
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Banquet
JFK in Duluth for Conference
Kennedy with Bethel Choir
McCarthy and Andolsek
McCarthy and Andolsek on TV Program
McCarthy and Conference Attendees
McCarthy and Moss at Dinner
McCarthy and Young Woman
McCarthy at 1963 Advertising Conference
McCarthy at Dedication Ceremony
McCarthy at Macalester
McCarthy at Pillsbury Exhibit
McCarthy at Statue Unveiling
McCarthy Meeting 1963 Homemaker of Tomorrow
McCarthy with Catholic Men
McCarthy with Daniel Foley
McCarthy with DeWitt Wallace at Macalester College
McCarthy with Governor Rolvaag
McCarthy with Harold Geneen
McCarthy with MN 4-H Attendees
McCarthy with MN 4-H Attendees
McCarthy with MN Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow