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Woman and child
Shoe shine parlor
Western labor bureau
Greek band
Greek band
Annunciation parish Greek school
Greek Orthodox pastor
Holy trinity
Family in front of house
Celebration in Florida
School of St. George parish
Mother and child
Order of Ahepa certificate
Graduation Day
Greek-American cadet
Boston convention
Greek celebration
Greek civil war
Greek civil war
Marshall Plan meeting in Washington, D.C.
Officers' meeting
Secretaries for G.A.P.A.
Women outdoors
World War II servicemen
Letter to C. B. Johannides, executive secretary, AHEPA
Demetrios Callimachos
Greek women and aid supplies
G.A.P.A. award
G.A.P.A. convention
Greek church leaders
Greek language class
Greek soldiers
Preparing mail for the convention
Procession at a G.A.P.A. event
Two Greek boys
At the dinner table
American legion in Greece
Dock side
Greek American Progressive Association committee
Soldier ceremony
Soldier ceremony
Women at the Syracuse G.A.P.A. lodge
Men at table
Solon G. Vlasto
Order of AHEPA delegation at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Order of AHEPA delegation at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Blessing the ground breaking
Save Cypress council
American legion in Greece
American legion in Greece
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
Basketball league
Chairman Kawakis
Church clerics and congregation
Drinking beer
Family on the steps of a house
G.A.P.A. baseball league
G.A.P.A. ceremony
G.A.P.A. event
G.A.P.A. women's event
Greek-American artist
Greek-American children
Greek-American family and friends
Greek-American movie star
Greek Archdiocese Theological Institute members
Greek chorus
Greek Chorus
Greek couple
Greek ethnic costumes
Greek exhibit
Greek folk dancing
Greek Folk Singer
Greek Independence Anniversary speakers
Greek Independence Day celebration
Greek mural
Greek Orthodox priest
Greek Orthodox priest
Greek tragedy
Group of clerics
Group of men with child
Group portrait
Learning Greek
Man in village street
Office work
Performing a Greek Tragedy
President of the Standard Commercial Tobacco Company
Rigas candy store
School portrait
Social gathering
Speaker at a G.A.P.A. event
Two men
Two men in an office
War memorial
Western labor bureau
Women in evening gowns
Women in Greek costumes
Working on the newspaper
Young girl