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Atlas adminisratif [i.e. administratif] de la ville de Paris
Atlas de Finlande, 1910, Atlas
Atlas de Finlande, 1910, Texte 1 Nature (Cartes Nos 1-23)
Atlas de Finlande, 1910, Texte 2 Population et Civilisation (Cartes Nos 24-55)
Atlas de gégraphie économique
Atlas des commençans : admis par la Commission d'instruction publique, pour l'enseignement de la cosmographie et de la géographie dans les lycées et les écoles secondaires
Atlas ethnographique des provinces habitées en totalité ou en partie par des polonais
Atlas of commercial geography illustrating the general facts of physical, economic and statistical geography, on which international commerce depends
Atlas of meteorology.
Atlas öfver Sveriges städer med deras alla egor och jordar : jemte areal-beskrifningar innefattande 89 kartor, upprättade under ȧren 1853-1861.
Atlas över Finland 1925, Atlas
Atlas över Finland 1925, Text
Atlas till Sveriges historia
Atlas zur kirchengeschichte.
Bacon's new large scale atlas of London and suburbs : with additional road maps of the home counties and a series of seventeen special maps showing the different areas controlled by government departments, local authorities, and supply companies having statutary powers in and around the City and County of London.
Geography of the world's agriculture.
Maps of the missions of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. September, 1851.
New universal atlas : containing separate maps of all the kingdoms, states, and countries throughout the world.
Orbis terrarum, veteribus noti descriptio : a comparative atlas of ancient and modern geography, from original authorities and upon new plan, for the use of Eton school.