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Portrait of Amelia Ullman, St. Paul, Minnesota
Bill to incorporate Mount Zion Hebrew Association, St. Paul, Minnesota
Founding papers from Mount Zion Hebrew Association, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mt. Zion Hebrew Association constitution, St. Paul, Minnesota
Letter requesting $125 payment to Rev. Dr. Gerstman
Second St. So. from Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Finances from Mount Zion Hebrew Association, St. Paul, Minnesota
Joseph Ullman furs and skins store exterior
Mannheimer Brothers Department store interior sketch, St. Paul, Minnesota
Tallit bag, Minnesota
Fantle's Department Store interior, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Calof Farm, North Dakota
Calof Homestead, North Dakota
Harry and Annie Singer Wedding, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Letter Written on Paper from The Lehr Cash Store, Joe Braufman, Propietor. General Merchandise. Lehr, North Dakota
Sam Sinykin's Store interior, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The Golden Rule store exterior, St. Paul, Minnesota
Laura Heilbron at her home, 403 Pleasant Ave, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Sale Day" Phillips, South Dakota
Women in Virginia, Minnesota
Foot, Schulze, and Cos. St. Paul Shoes, Zeeland, North Dakota
Landscape scene with people and animals of Zeeland, North Dakota
Ernestine "Esther" Ciora Rigler, and an obituary for Sholum Thal, Bismarck, North Dakota
Yaldai Aizer Junior League, St. Paul, Minnesota
Oscar Tenzer Grocery Store, Payne Ave, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Builders of Virginia" Morris Shanedling, Henry Shanedling, Julius Shanedling, Isadorre Shanedling, J. Manley Thurston, Harry Shanedling, Virginia, Minnesota
"Five Women Who Founded Jewish Home for the Aged" news clipping, St. Paul, Minnesota
Lewis and Mason Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes exterior after the 1908 fire, Chisholm, Minnesota
Louis and Ruth Sinykin at the school house with others
Birthday party of Harriet and Walter Lewis, Chisholm, Minnesota
Lewis and Mason Dry Goods and Clothing new store exterior, Chisholm, Minnesota
Man and Woman in carriage with horse in Dilworth, Minnesota
Abraham and Ida Sachs family
Benjamin Milavetz campaign card, Virginia, Minnesota
Kozberg Saloon, Lead, South Dakota
Lena Bender homestead application, Ashley, North Dakota
Miss Swambro's 3rd Grade Class, Eureka, South Dakota
Program under the auspices of The Council of Jewish Women
A birdseye view of Tuttle, North Dakota
Edison School 7th grade class, St. Paul, Minnesota
Bernard Silberstein candidate for commissioner
Grace Aguilar Club Talmud Torah Martha Washington Party
Minneapolis Talmud Torah portrait, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Virginia Minnesota Football Team, Virginia, Minnesota
Lena Kopploman's store interior, Fargo, North Dakota
Atlas Athletic Club Annual Thanksgiving Banquet, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jack Segall, Stella, Selma, Bobette Halperin pose with canes that read B.P.O.E., Dickinson, North Dakota
North Dakota plat map- women's claims, Bowman, South Dakota
Organizers of the Y.M.H.A.
Brin Glass Company during construction at 600 Washington Ave. N.
Bessy Juster seated in a law office
Brin Glass Company building at 600 Washington Ave. N.
Interior of Palace Clothing co., Virginia, Minnesota
Interior of Palace Clothing co., Virginia, Minnesota
Sarah Simon Passon and her children in front of their grocery store on 5th Ave East and 8th Street, Duluth, Minnesota
Bertha Rigler with her basketball team at Bismarck High School her senior year, Bismarck, North Dakota
Sunday school class
Sign for West Side Neighborhood House to be built with three boys looking, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mrs. M. Lavansky's Jewish Hospital Organization Cup and member ribbon for Ladies' Hebrew Hospital Society
West Side Neighborhood House ad, St. Paul, Minnesota
Executive Board of Local 10.U.C.H. and C., M. of N.A.
Onamia High School Class
Mercury basketball team, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Building of the Calhoun Beach Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Building of the Calhoun Beach Hotel Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Building of the Calhoun Beach Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Construction of the Jewish Community Center located at 741 Holly Ave. at Grotto Street. Former Marshall Junior High School in background, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish woman of Brainerd, Minnesota
Malmon Motors 4th annual picnic
Masada Yom Kipper Dance, St. Paul, Minnesota
Stillman's Market interior, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ladies' Auxiliary of the Talmud Torah meeting program, with Betty Crocker as guest, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Boy Scouts A.Z.A. B'ai B'rith Father's and Sons Banquet, Duluth, Minnesota
Harry Schechter on Eaton Ave. Across from Superior Bottling Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bloomer Brewery, Mercantile Jobbers, exterior, Bloomer, Wisconsin
Minneapolis Talmud Torah graduation at North Highschool, Minneapolis, Minnesota
St. Paul Jewish Community Center Basketball Team, St. Paul, Minnesota
Adath Jeshurun confirmation class, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Art Tilsen, Basketball Star, Bismarck, South Dakota
Mabel and Joseph Dokovna and Charles Rigler, Wedding Photograph, Bismarck, South Dakota
Simon brothers-in-law, Duluth, Minnesota
Simon sisters, brother, and mother, Duluth, Minnesota
Simon sisters, Duluth, Minnesota
Talmud Torah Alumni Choir
Talmud Torah Graduating Class of 1941, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Louis Hurvitz Family Seder, Sioux Falls, North Dakota
Men and Women at the Carpenter Hotel Army Air Base, Sioux Falls, North Dakota
Women prepare a Seder at an Army Air Base, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Old Dobbin- A scrap collector's horse and cart
Charles Rigler with Grandchildren Allen and Aran Dokovna, Bismarck, South Dakota
Jewish War Veterans 3rd Annual Banquet - St. Paul Post 162, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish War Veterans 3rd Annual Banquet - St. Paul Post 162, St. Paul, Minnesota
1886-1946 Julius Shanedling Sixtieth Anniversary in U. S. of America, Radisson Hotel Sept. 12, 1946
National B'nai Brith Bowling Tournament, St. Paul, Minnesota
Wedding of Abel and Pauline Sadowsky at the West Side Hebrew Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota
Group photo at Eaton's Ranch, Apple Valley, Minnesota
"Zusammenkunft der griechischen Juden"/ Gathering of Greek Jews, Feldafing, Germany
Group at Hilltop Stables, Minneapolis, Minneapolis
Herzl Camp 8mm film, Webster, Wisconsin
Lincoln Jr. High School Class of 1948, Minneapolis, Minnesota