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Astounding Science Fiction, April 1941
Astounding Science Fiction, December 1955
Astounding Science Fiction, June 1955
A Woman Called Trouble
Beyond the Vanishing Point
Bounty Man
Bow Down to Nul
Brazen Dream
Convention Queen
Cry Flood!
Desire in the Ozarks
D for Delinquent
Earth's Last Fortress
Fires of Youth
From Eve On
Go, Man, Go!
Grenadine Etching: Her Life and Loves
Hollywood Doctor (Venus Rising)
Hootenanny Nurse
Lie Like a Lady
Mistress of Horror House
Modern Casanova's Handbook
Morals Squad
Nightmare Cruise
Penal Colony
Pity About Earth
Promise Him Anything...
Rattlesnake Range
Riverboat Girl
Rumble at the Housing Project
Star Guard
Swamp Sanctuary
The Dolphin and the Deep
The Driven Flesh
The Duchess of Skid Row
The Fear and the Guilt
The Girl from Las Vegas
The Haunted Strangler
The Humming Box
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Juvies
The Marina Street Girls
The Pirates of Zan
The Swordsman of Mars
Till Death Do Us Part
Top Gun from the Dakotas
Wandl the Invader
Washington Bachelor
We Die Alone
Weirdstone of Brisingamen
Woman's Doctor