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Act Up Rally in Mora, MN; Agr. Engr. Dept. 44
Pacifica's "Remembering Stonewall", 1989-06-09
Various Content: Protests, Speeches, etc.
Coming Out Stories
Allan Spear, Brian Coyle, Karen Clark (9-F-1-2F)
Brian Coyle on Closing the Minneapolis Bath Houses
Gay Political Action
Goodtimes Softball League
Imru Aircheck End of Jim Kepner Speech "Living our Lesbian and Gay Heritage"
Interview with Moonrabbit; Musical Performance Patty Kakac
Jim 'n' Jean
Kepner Interview in California
Main Conference Meeting - Minnesota Committee For Gay Rights
March on Washington Master Tape #1 Full
Minneapolis Cruising Ordinance
"The March" (Take Back the Night)