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1962 Rose Bowl Game
A conversation with Starke Hathaway
Arnold Walker Interview with Max Kampelman
Campus Close-Ups: Interview with Elvin C. Stakman
Celebrating 150 years: A history of the University of Minnesota
Emeritus: Interview with Izaak M. Kolthoff
Ernst Eckert, Part 1, Dub of A-130
Ernst Eckert, Part 2, Dub of A-210
Ernst Eckert, Part 3, Dub of A-211
Ernst Eckert, Part 4, Dub of A-131
Ernst Eckert, Part 5, Dub of A-49
Field trip to Glacial Lakes State Park, 1993
Filed trip to Ordway prairie, 1980
Football Title Outs
Geography of Minnesota: Auto / Air Age Revolution (Episode 6)
Geography of Minnesota: Dissolving the Wilderness (Episode 3)
Geography of Minnesota: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Global Orientation (Episode 9)
Geography of Minnesota: Legacy From the Railroad Era (Episode 4)
Geography of Minnesota: Minnesota in the Upper Midwest (Episode 2)
Geography of Minnesota: Quality of Life: The Bottom Line (Episode 10)