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Captain Thomas Valentine Sullivan, who organized the Boston YMCA, at the age of thirty.
George Williams
Old South Chapel, Boston
The City of London, the Home of the First YMCA, founded 1844.
View of Gray's Building, Summer, corner of Washington Street
George H. Stuart, first president of the Philadelphia YMCA
William Chauncy Langdon
Baltimore, Maryland, first Young Men's Christian Association building, 1859
Anthony Bowen, 1809-1871
Association Hall at the New York City YMCA
Association Hall at the New York City YMCA
Dodge, William E.
John Wanamaker
William E. Dodge Jr.
YMCA prayer meeting flyer, New York City
YMCA prayer meeting flyer, New York City
First supply base, United States Christian Commission, Civil War
Catalogue of the Library of the Young Men's Christian Association, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Proclamation appointing Walt Whitman as a delegate on behalf of the United States Christian Commission
Headquarters of the United States Christian Commission in the field, 1864.
NY YMCA Mourns The Nation's Loss, Memorial Ribbon
David C. Bell, first president of the Minneapolis YMCA, circa 1866-1900.
E.V.C. Eato
Old 23rd Street branch, New York City
Shanghai YMCA Lobby
Center Block Building, first home of the Minneapolis YMCA
Constitution and Bylaws of the Christian Association of Howard University, Washington D.C.
Cornelius Vanderbilt II, 1843-1899
Dwight L. Moody
George Williams
McBurney, Robert R.
Richard C. Morse
YMCA, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Cleveland, Ohio, Railroad Station, 1872, birthplace of the Railroad "Y"
YMCA gymnasium in the Tremont Building, Boston 1872-1883. Equipment is characteristic of the period (note gas jets -- this was before electric light).
General George D. Johnston
Stephen Jones, Indian secretary
Birthplace of the intercollegiate movement of the American Young Men's Christian Associations, Fourth and Chestnut Streets, Louisville, Kentucky, 1877.
First YMCA World's Committee, 1878
W. Edwyn Shipton, 1878
Jacob Bowne
John Eastman, founder, Sioux Indian Association work, present treasurer of Executive Committee, Flandreau, South Dakota
This is a photo of Thomas Wakeman, the Indian who started YMCA work among the North American Indians by organizing with 9 other Dakotas as Young Men's Christian Association (of church members) at Flandreau, South Dakota, April 27, 1879
Bowery branch YMCA in New York City
Gym Class, South Bend, Indiana, ca. 1880
Reading room at the 23rd Street YMCA in New York City (later called McBurney branch)
Reading room at the 23rd Street YMCA in New York City (later called McBurney branch)
Brooklyn Central YMCA branch, New York
Brooklyn Central YMCA branch, New York
Colored Railroad YMCA in Bluefield, West Virginia.
Market House building, corner of Hennepin Avenue and 1st Street North, also known as "Gale's Corners," second floor rented by the Minneapolis YMCA for 10 years beginning in 1877
Robert Weidensall
Thomas J. Bell, Denver, Colorado
William A. Hunton
YMCA Industrial Work
Women's secretarial training class, Syndicate Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Men and equipment at gymnasium in New York City, 23rd Street branch of the YMCA
Men and equipment at gymnasium in New York City, 23rd Street branch of the YMCA
Mr. Fred B. Smith, 124 E. 28th Street
The Gymnasium, Brooklyn Central, New York
The Swimming Bath, Brooklyn Central, New York
YMCA Camp Dudley kitchen
Miss Ellen Brown, Secretary Boys' Department
First YMCA camp in the United States, Esport, New York, 1887
First Colored YMCA in America, Complete with General Secretary, Rooms, Papers, Library, &c., wanted in Norfolk
Bowery branch YMCA, 153 Bowery, New York City
First Association Rooms - Decatur, Ill.
India, possibly Madras YMCA, ca. 1890
Railroad branch West 72nd Street in New York City
Syndicate Block building, home of the Minneapolis YMCA from 1883 to 1892.
"YMCA occupied the Syndicate Block located on Nicollet Avenue in 1883. The move to this building was taken in order that the YMCA keep in step with the general movement of buusiness and activity 'uptown.' The Old Market Hall location was maintained ...
YMCA Secretary Willis M. McDonald and boys on the shore of Cedar Lake, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
A Section of the Gymnasium - First Floor
Brainerd, Cephas
Charles C. Michener
Doshisha Girls School, Kyoto
Factory floor hymn sing
Factory floor hymn sing
First [African American YMCA] building, Baltimore
Minneapolis YMCA boys four square club, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Morris K. Jesup
New York City railroad branch YMCA
New York YMCA immigration work
New York YMCA immigration work
Sioux City, Iowa dormitory room
The General Office First Floor
Thomas J. Bell, secretary, Colored Men's Branch, New York
YMCA work in France
First basketball team, 1892. International YMCA Training School, Springfield, Massachusetts.
James Naismith Portrait
Minneapolis YMCA reading room
A resident's quarters in the Old Mary Place YMCA. Young Men from the rural areas, out of town or from foreign countries always found a welcome smile and a clean place to sleep at the Y.
English class for coming Americans, Minneapolis YMCA Central Branch, 10th Street and Mary Place
Gas lights and home cooked meals for 25 cents were features of the YMCA's restaurant in the Mary Place building, 1890s.
Minneapolis YMCA Central Branch interior
Minneapolis YMCA lounge
Minneapolis YMCA secretary's office
Minneapolis YMCA vocational class for men
One of the first gymnasium groups