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Four Monster Tempations: Saloon, Card Table, Harlot's Chamber, Secret Vice
The Promotion of Personal Purity Among Young Men
Social Purity: A Lecture
Colored Men's Department 1894. (Box 4, Folder 26)
The Young Men's Christian Association and Sex Problems
American Negro Society Occasional Papers #13 1909. (Box 12, Folder 13)
Sex education Series: Study Number 1 - Developing into Manhood
Health Day
Talk on the Prevention of Disease
The Physician's Answer: Medical Authority and Prevailing Misconceptions about Sex
First Annual Report: 1913-1914
"Som Inf'mation for Mother"
Problems and Principles of Sex Education: A Study of 948 College Men
Sex in Life
Temptation and How to Meet it
The Established Points in Social Hygiene Education
Choosing a Home Partner
Choosing a Home Partner
The Question of Petting
The Teacher's part in Social Hygiene
New York Society Homeless Boys, Neglected Children 1900's. (Box 11, Folder 33)
The Interest of the World's Y.M.C.A. in Problems of Sex
The Sex Side of Life: An Explanation for Young People
Signs of the Times: A Brief Resume of Social Hygiene in 1929
Education for Marriage
From Boy to Man
Progress in 1930
Health for Man and Boy
Marriage and Parenthood
Sex Education in the Home
Social Hygiene Education in a City of Medium Size: A Summary Report of the Social hygiene Educational Campaign Conducted in Reading, pennsylvania in February, 1933
The Social Hygiene Program - Today and Tomorrow
Sex Education Fact and Attitudes
Sex Education in the Y.M.C.A.
The Barriers are Down -- What Next?
Stepping Out
Misc. Print Material 1923-1954. (Box 13, Folder 21)
Straight from the Shoulder
Getting Ready to Fall in Love
What about Sex
Human Relations Aids 1950's. Organization and Personnel Engaged in Human Relations Activities in the South. (Box 9, Folder 11)
Miscellaneous Pamphlets (4).  (Box 15, Folder 5)
Misc. Reports 1900's. (Box 11, Folder 7)
Pamphlets S. Strengths of Black Families. 1975. (Box 8, Folder 2)
Adolescence and the Sex Problem
A Formula for Sex Education
A Home Study Course in Sex Education for Parents: Six Lessons
An Open Letter to Parents
A Three Point Program in Health Education
Health for Men
Home Study Course Social Hygiene Guidance: Lesson 1 - Parental Preparation for Training the Child
Home Study Course Social Hygiene Guidance: Lesson 2 - The Questions Children Ask or Do Not Ask
Home Study Course Social Hygiene Guidance: Lesson 3 - Preparing the Child for Adolescence
Home Study Course Social Hygiene Guidance: Lesson 4 - Emotional health in Adolescence
Home Study Course Social Hygiene Guidance: Lesson 5 - Some Problems in Adolescence
Home Study Course Social Hygiene Guidance: Lesson 6 - Looking Ahead to Marriage
Hygienic Work in the Young Men's Christian Association
Instruction in Social Hygiene in the Public Schools
Instruction Regarding the Sex Life
Pamphlets-Misc. 150 Years of African-American Service in the YMCA: A Brief History of the YMCA and African-American Communities. (Box 8, Folder 21)
Pamphlets/Newsletters.  (Box 13, Folder 22)
Physical Reverence
Sex Education
Sex Hygiene
Social Hygiene and Sex Education: Social Hygiene Pamphlets 10. (Box 6, Folder 30)
Social Hygiene: Its Pedagogic Aspects, and its Relation to General Hygiene and public Health
Suggested Methods for Giving Instruction in Sexual Hygiene to Men and Boys
The Case Against Prostitution
The General Need for Education in Matters of Sex
The Medical Charlatan: Exploiter of the...Sick, Well, Ignorant, Credulous
The truth about Syphilis and Gonorrhea
YMCA African-American Origins in YMCA Washington D.C. Let Us Celebrate Together 125 Years of YMCA Service to Black Communities…Service that Helps Move Our Country Towards Fulfillment of its Highest Ideals. (Box 8, Folder 9)