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30 minutes in the dispensary may save you many days in the hospital : if exposed take a prophylaxis immediately :
A Blood test and examination protects your health and family
A Blood test for all protects you against Syphilis
Adolph, Musso, and Hirohito
"All for one, one for all!" : don't let your team down! : don't let v.d. put you on the sidelines!
America needs strong men and women : you can help by guarding against Syphilis and Gonorrhea
An elephant never you? : don't forget to protect yourself against VD
Be physically fit! : halt venereal disease
Beyond victory : National Social Hygiene Day
Booby trap : Syphilis and Gonorrhea
Both of these men had Syphilis
Both of these men had syphilis
Boys, your sweetheart may never know..
Calling all communities! : stamp out VD : National Social Hygiene Day Feb. 7th 1945
Don't be a dope... play safe! : don't be a dope... avoid v.d. (venereal disease) : pick-ups spread syphilis and g
Don't be her pin-up boy
Don't do this or this : if you think you have a venereal disease... see your medical officer at once
Enemy agent
Fight...syphilis and gonorrhea
For home and country, avoid venereal disease