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Front elevation and first floor plan for YMCA building type I
Second floor plan of YMCA building type I
NY YMCA Mourns The Nation's Loss, Memorial Ribbon
New York Young Men's Institute branch, New York City, as seen from across the street.
Camp Kiwanis, Schenectady, New York, Buddy Work, 1940.
Physical Department, West Side Branch, Young Men's Christian Association, 5 West 63rd Street, New York
Lawrence C. Burr
(Left to Right): Charles M. Thompson, Chairman of the World Service Committee, Wabash Avenue YMCA, Chicago, Illinois; Lawrence Burr; Grover Little; O. O. Morris, Executive Secretary of Wabash Avenue YMCA.
R. B. Colson
Judge Delany and Charles Evans Hughes at a Century Club dinner
Annual financial campaign at the Harlem YMCA
Annual financial campaign at the Harlem YMCA
Kansas City, Missouri, Paseo Branch YMCA
Knights of the Round Table fight boxer Rocky Marciano at the West Side YMCA
Lending a helping hand through Flanders mud: Making headway through this bit of Flanders mud is tougher work than fighting the Boche, in the opinion of the officers pictured in this British official photo. One is helping the other get through the mire...
Association Men, September 1918
Association Men, November 1918
E. W. Verink
Chekhov Press editor at work
Proclamation appointing Walt Whitman as a delegate on behalf of the United States Christian Commission