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Dodworth's Very Best Polka
The Serious Family Polka
Midnight Schottisch
Elder Quick Step
Pukwudjies Galop
Morlacchi's Ballet Troupe
The Bird-Note Galop
Saltarello by S.B. Mills
Katy-Did Polka
Dance of the Grasshoppers
Studien und Elüden
It's Wonderful, Isn't It?
Favette Waltzes
Dance of the Demon
Schule des Virtuosen
La Sylphide
Les Petits Chevaux
The Chieftain Polka by R.R. Kinkee
Carnaval Mignon
It's Forty Miles From Schenectady To Troy
King Carnival
The Rainbow Dance
Dakota Rag
Vier Specialstudien für die Linke Hand Allein
A Suite of Music
Butterfly Ballet
Die Lustige Witwe by Franz Lehàr
The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer
Monte Carlo
School Days (When We Were a Couple of Kids)
Kasino Walzer
La Diabolette
On the Road To Mandalay
Maori; A Samoan Dance
The "Jewel" Dance Folio No. 1
The Shovel Fish Rag
La Valse D'Amour
The Bumble Bee
2 Danses Roumaines
Das Leben ist ein grecher Tanz
Joie de Vivre Valse
Le Vrai Tango Argentin
Oh That Navajo Rag
The Winter Garden Rag
El Celoso Tango Criollo
La Rumba
Mimi Valse
Aeroplane Dip
Carolina Fox Trot
Parisian Maxine
Pavlowa Valses
Tango Flirt
Hurry No. 2
I've Been Floating Down the Old Green River
Andante Mysterioso
Andante Misterioso No. 6
Love Theme II
Over There
Rig-a-jig Rag
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me
Johannes Ev. Haberts Werke
Emil Naumanns Illustrierte Musikgeschichte
Happy Days
Indian Smoke Dance
Twenty Kentucky Mountain Songs
Wer Wird Denn Weinen, Wenn Man Auseinandergeht
Elle Danse
Indian Dance
Advertisement in German featuring Arthur Kleiner
Concert information (?) in German featuring Arthur Kleiner
Grotesken Album
Barney Google Fox Trot
Concert tickets
Letter to Arthur Kleiner from the USO (United Service Organizations)
Feature Film Preludes
Anna Pavlova in costume
Carl Fischer Film Themes
Play Gypsies - Dance Gypsies
Don Q, Son of Zorro
Ruralia Hungarica
Why Are There No Women Directors?
Music selections for Metropolis (German), page 1
Music selections for Metropolis (German), page 2
Music selections for Metropolis (German), page 3
Music selections for Metropolis (German), page 4
The Will Rossiter "Original" Dance Calls
The Photoplay Organist
Piano Solo Vol XII
The Best Things In Life Are Free
The Love-Waltz
Buy, Buy For Baby (Or Baby Will Bye Bye You)
Album Wiener Doucet