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Episode 001: Beyond Seminar for Bi Women
Episode 002: GLBT Pride 2002
Episode 003: Elsie Matheson
Episode 004: Bill Burleson: Founder of Bi Cities
Episode 005: Dr Fritz Klein, Hann Blank & Bill Burleson: @BECAUSE 2002: in Milwaukee
Episode 006: Scott Bartell: Twin Cities Bi Activist
Episode 007: Danetter Peterson: BOP - Bisexual Organizing Project
Episode 008: Betsy Warner: Bisexualtiy and Gender
Episode 009: Discussion on Bisexuality - Experiences on Coming out and being Bi
Episode 010: Rob Yaeger: Bi Activist and co-founder of BECAUSE
Episode 011: Dr Fritz Klein - Keynote at BECAUSE 2002
Episode 012: Rev. Anita Hill: St Paul Refirmation Lutheran Church - Her Historic Ordination in the film "Disobiedience"
Episode 013: Kathy Shane, Bent Fuqua, Aldous Tyler - discussing BECAUSE 2003
Episode 014: Al Bertke: Role of PFLAG in supporting LGBT community
Episode 015: Donald Whipple Fox - board member Philanthrofund - Philantrofund and being a Souix twin spirited man
Episode 016: Laura Ayers - Executive Director of District 202
Episode 017: Al Oertwig: St Paul School Board Chair - programs for LGBT youth in St Paul Schools
Episode 018: Dr. Fritz Klein, Richard Woulfe - Bisexual Foundation @ BECAUSE 2003
Episode 019: Lou Hoffman, Martin Quam: Bi History in the Twin Cities
Episode 020: Heidi Ameson: Bi Activist, Writer, Performer
Episode 021: UCC documentary film:'.ual
Episode 022: Jennifer Andrade and Barbara Satin - UCC Outreach to Bis
Episode 023: Tina Rolfes: Co-chair of BOP - discussing Bi Womens discussion group Chick Chat
Episode 024: Gary Lingen: Bi Activist and founder of Bisexual Connection - Twin Cities Bi History
Episode 025: Dr. Louise Goldberg - growing up transgender in South Africa
Episode 026: John Townsend: media comentator and art critic- journalist for Lavender Magazine
Episode 027: Lauri Appelbaun - director of Out 4 Good - program for GLBT youth in Minneapolis public schools
Episode 028: Mary Murphy and Kathy Gyro - being bi, clean, and sober
Episode 029: Scott Bartel, LICSW - bi therapist and Twin Cities Bi Activist - mental health in the bi community
Episode 030: Future Lisa: Bi Performer and Musician
Episode 031: Phil Duran Esq - Out Front MN - legal and policy analyst for Out Front MN
Episode 032: Bill Burleson: Founder of Bi Cities - Bi hostory and the construct of bisexuality
Episode 10a: Late Night Specials with Bi Cities Rob Yaeger - Safer Sex Techniques
Episode 033: Lynn Smith: Eat Street Café
Episode 034: Dr. Marge Charmoli Bi Activist and Psychologist - history of the St Paul human rights ordinance
Episode 035: Monica Meyer: OutFront Minnesota - OutFront advocacy at the state legislature
Episode 036: Kate Lehmann, Roderic Southall: Philanthrofund - Philanthrofund glbt supportive organizations
Episode 037: Mary Hoelscher - co-chair 8th International Bi Conference
Episode 038: Max Gries, Katrina Johnson: Transgender Voices - Transgender Voices Festival
Episode 039: Dr. Paul Grauer: Augsburg College Athletic Director - his role as an ally in supporting GLBT college athletes at Augsburg
Episode 040: Dolly Ruark: board member of the UofM Fast Break Club - treatment of GLBT athletes in Women's Basketball
Episode 041: Sarah Harris: artistic director Patrick's Cabaret - events at Patrick's Cabaret
Episode 042: Dr. Walter Bockting: Program in Human Sexuality - international expert on gender identity
Episode 043: Dr. Connie Foster: dean UW River Falls - homophobia in the lockerroom
Episode 044: Emily Eastwood, Director of Reconciling in Christ LCNA - welcoming Bi and Trans people in the Lutheran Church
Episode 045: Charlie Tamble of HIM Program at the Red Door Clinic - sexual health services for gay and bi men
Episode 046: Dr. Ron Fox, PhD: Bi Psychologist and Researcher - live at 8th International Conference on Bisexuality
Episode 047: Denny Smith: author and father of a gay son "God Did Too Make Adam and Steve"
Episode 048: Brent Fuqua and friends - musicians - live at 8th International Conference on Bisexuality
Episode 049: Brent Fuqua, Magdalen Hsu-LI - musicians - live at 8th International Conference on Bisexuality
Episode 050: Abigail Garner: author "Families Like Me: Children of Gay Parents Tell it Like It Is"
Episode 051: Travis Stanton: Managing Editor of Lavender Magazine - LGBT journalism
Episode 052: Alan Horowitz: Out for Equity - St Paul Schools GLBT youth support program
Episode 053: Dr. Randall Ehrbar: Program in Human Sexuality - issues to diagnosing gender identity disorder
Episode 054: Leigh Combs: Performance Artist and Activist - host of KFAI radio Fresh Fruit
Episode 055: Dr. Bean Robinson : Program in Human Sexuality - research on bisexuality
Episode 056: Larry Pinkey - political activist and ally - oppression of maginalized communities
Episode 057: Charlie Cooper, Gregg Lind - bi activists and photographers - bi activism, erotic photograph, and open relationships
Episode 058: Louis Alemayehu - discusses ancestor energy
Episode 059: Larry Pinkey - political activist and ally - political activism
Episode 060: Bill Burleson - founder of Bi Cities and author - Discusses his book "Bi America"
Episode 061: Dr Anita Kozan: Co-host Bi Cities
Episode 062: Erica Rogers, Dr Randall Ehrbar: Trans Voices
Episode 063: Ann DeGroot: executive director OutFront Minnesota
Episode 064: GLBT Senior Housing: Barbara Satin, Spirit of the Lakes UCC and Kathy Wetzel-Mastel, Powerhorn Community Group on GLBT housing
Episode 065: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter & Goerge Holdgrafer: History of the inclusion of the "B" and "T" in GLBT politics
Episode 066: BJ Metzger Longtime Twin Cities Lesbian Activist
Episode 067: Emeri Burks - PFUND Scholarship winner
Episode 068: Scott Fearing: senior director Outfront Minnesota
Episode 069: Future Lisa: Bi Performer and Musician
Episode 070: Sue Christensen: Bi Ceramics Artist
Episode 071: Alex Nelson: District 202 Street Outreach working with Street Works Collaborative
Special Edition: Monday Night Live
Episode 072: Reverend Anita Hill - first ordained lesbian minister
Episode 073: Debra Davis: Gender Education Center
Episode 074: Dr. Anne Phibbs - Metropolitan State University and UofM GLBT Program office
Episode 075: Scott Bartell: Twin Cities Bi Activist
Episode 076: Maggie Scanlon: Director of Genet's "The Balcony"
Episode 077: Patrick Scully: Patrick's Cabaret
Episode 078: Joe Amico: Alternatives Chemical Dependency Program
Episode 079: Dr. Joe Amico and Scott Bartell, MSW, discuss sexual addiction
Episode 080: Dr. Sharon Preves discusses her book Intersex and Identity: The Contested Self
Episode 081: John Townsend: Journalist, Arts Critic
Episode 082: Ardell Brede: Mayor Rochester Minnesota
Episode 083: Amy Johnson, Esquire
Episode 084: Anthony Winer, Attorney and Professor discuss the history of marriage.
Episode 085: Dr. Carolyn Whitson, Professor Metropolitan State U discusses her research and book on motherhood.
Episode 086: Dr. Anne Phibbs: U of M GLBT Programs Office
Episode 087: Dana Munson: Jungle Theater
Episode 088: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter - The Tretter Collection
Episode 089: Dorothy Fairnbairn, Jason Paul Smith
Episode 090: Lauri Appelbaum, MSW - director of the Community Development Institute at UofM
Episode 091: BJ Metzger, Longtime Twin Cities Lesbian Activist
Episode 092: Marie Castle, Paul Craven: Atheists for Human Rights
Episode 093: Rev.Dr. David Fredrickson
Episode 094: Amy Snyder: Avenue for Homeless Youth
Episode 095: Barbara Satin and Kathy Wetzel-Mastel
Episode 096: Biversity: U of M bisexual group
Episode 097: Mike Grewe & Luciano Patino: Alphabet Soup, Co-Chairs for Alphabet Soup Conference
Episode 098: Dr. Eli Coleman: Director of Program in Human Sexuality