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Women sifting tea
Woman picking tea, Ceylon
Woman picking tea
Wind Palace, front, Jeypore [Jaipur]
Windham's Entrenchment, Caunpore
Wild elephants in the forest
Wild elephant noosed
West of Sherpur
West Gateway, Sherpur
Wall, Balar [Bala] Hissar
Wainganga main canal.
Wainganga Canal headworks.
Wadi Bundi viaduct with electric train looking south
Vishnu Pud and Ghats, Benares
Vishnu Pud and Ghat, Benares
Vindia Purdasi, (Mangoe Seller, from life).
Village gossips
View Westward from Ghoosla Ghat, Benares.
Views of India: From Drawings taken During the Seapoy Mutiny (Cover page)
View room: examining component parts after manufacture.
View on the road to the Great Pagoda
View on a River near Canton
View on a lake near Rangoon
View on a lake near Rangoon
View of Ugneswur Ghat, Benares.
View of the landing at Rangoon of part of the combined forces from Bengal and Madras, under the orders of Sir Arch'D
View of the lake and part of the eastern road from Rangoon, taken from the advance of the 7th. Madras Native Infantr
View of the Gyan Bapee Well, Benares.
View of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon and scenery adjacent to the westward of the great road.
View of the Geat Dagon Pagoda and ajacent [sic.] scenery taken on the eastern road from Rangoon.
View of the Ganges: from the P,hatuk [sic.] or Gate at the top of Punchgunga Ghat..
View of the Ganges Canal, Works, and Workshops.
View of the Bhore Ghats near Khandalla
View of the Bhore Ghats near Khandalla
View of telegraph and Baudot instrument shop.
View of Sassoor, in the Deccan.
View of headworks Periyar system.
View of Cabool, from the East.
View near Kursalee
View near Deobun
View in store yard.
View in Machine Shop showing 10" High Speed Combination Turret Lathe Machining Piston Valve Heads.
View in Cachar
View from the Pilgrim's Bangla
View from (the late) Major Canning's residence
View from the Doomree Bungalow, Detachment Moving Off.
View from Benares, from Behind Charless Hotel.
View at Shimla: In the Himalayan Mountains, India.
Victoria Station, Bombay
Veranda of Sheesh Mahal, Amber
Vennar Regulators.
Veerabudraswamy [Veerabhadraswamy], Puthoo Muntapam, Madura [Madurai]
Upper Swat River Canal.
Upper Sone Bridge
Upper Jhelum Canal regulator.
Upper Ganges Canal.
Upper Chenab Canal.
Up Country Carriage, Madras
Untitled (?)
University Library and Clock Tower, Bombay
Ulee Bundee: Hindoo Nach Girl.
Two bullock Reckla [Rekla]
Two Arabs: Followers of the Late Sir A. Burnes, who accompanied him to Simla.
Trying Position of the Naval Guns, and Greene's Battery, on the 27th November, 1857
Trichinopoly [Tiruchirapalli] Rock Temple and Tank
Tree Ferns, Ceylon
Tree ferns, Ceylon
Travellers palms, Ceylon
Travellers Palm, Kandy, Ceylon
Travellers Palm
Town and Citadel of Chuznee.
Tope of Maunikyaula.
Tombs of the King's of Golconda
Tombs of the Bereed Kings, Bidur.
Tomb of the First King of Oude [Awadh], Lucknow
Tomb of Rani Sipri, Ahmedabad
Tomb of Meer Haiat Kalundur, Mongrool.
Tomb of Humaioon, - Delhi
Tomb of Hoomayoon's Yizier, Delhi.
Tomb near Balar [Bala] Hissar gate
Tomb in the Hooseinabad [Hussainabad], Lucknow
Toddy Tree
Toddy-man climbing tree
Title Page
Timbers being cut on the log sawing machine.
Tiger Island: Entrance of the Canton River
Tibri regulator.
T,Hut,Heree [sic.] Bazaar