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Youth Wants to Know
Young Women Sitting
Young Women in Statuary Hall
Young Woman Talking to McCarthy
Young Woman Meeting McCarthy
Young People With McCarthy
Young Men with Cots
Young McCarthy Supporter
Young Man in Tribal Necklace Seated at Table
Young man in foreground of an audience applauding.
Young Girl with McCarthy
Young couple at Lewisohn Stadium
Young Children Playing
Young Campaign Volunteers
WTTG-TV Panorama Show with Mrs Eugene J McCarthy
Women Campaigning Door to Door for McCarthy
Women at McCarthy Event
Woman Wearing McCarthy Hat
Woman Wearing Curlers
Woman Talking to McCarthy
Woman Operating Switchboard
Woman Making a Telephone Call
Woman Campaigning on a Beach
Woman at McCarthy Event
William Clark with McCarthy
WA Senators Officials
Vivien Kellems
Vivian Kellems
View of a Crowd in a Courtroom
Victory Sign at a McCarthy Rally
Unidentified Woman With Clipboard Signs Autograph (?)
Unidentified Staff Member
Unidentified McCarthy Supporter at Sheraton-Schroeder Hotel
Unidentified McCarthy Supporter
Unidentified Man Wearing McCarthy Button
Unidentified Man Speaks to Group
Unidentified Man Close-Up
Unidentified Man
Unidentified Man
Two Women
Two Men Standing Outside McCarthy Headquarters
Two McCarthy Supporters at a Table
Two McCarthy Canvassers Talking to Two Men
Tony Randall with other McCarthy supporters
Tony Randall in a crowd of people
Tony Randall
Tom Ottenad, St. Louis Post Dispatch
Tired McCarthy Supporters
Three young supporters of Eugene McCarthy in Watkins Minnesota 1968
Three McCarthy Supporters Carrying Luggage
The McCarthy Lounge at the Conrad Hilton
The McCarthy Lounge at the Conrad Hilton
The McCarthy Family in Their Garage
The audience applauds
Testimonial Dinner
Sylvia Westerman, Face the Nation
Sy Hersh on the McCarthy Campaign
Summit Photo
Student with McCarthy and Others
Student with McCarthy
Students with McCarthy in Office
Students Visiting McCarthy
Students in a McCarthy Campaign Office
Student Group Visiting McCarthy
St. Scholastica Graduates with McCarthy
St. Paul Student with Nuns in Washington
St. Paul High School Visits Washington
St. Paul Elementary Students in Washington
Storefront Headquarters of McCarthy's Campaign
Steve Mitchell
St. Cloud Competition Winner with McCarthy
Staff Volunteers Proofs
Staff member Steve Mitchell on airplane
Staff member Joshua Leinsdorf with McCarthy charter plane
Speaker at Minnesota Event
Speaker at a Rally
Souvenirs for sale
Smith-Nash 1968 Mt. McKinley Expedition
Sitting in Front of a Window
Simon and Garfunkle
Simon and Garfunkle
Simon and Garfunkel Performing at McCarthy Event
Signs at McCarthy Rally
Side By Side
Sen. McNamara and McCarthy
Sen. Karl Mundt and McCarthy
Sen. Joseph S. Clark with McCarthy
Senior Class of Tintah, MN
Sen. Harrison Williams and McCarthy
Senator Thruston Morton with McCarthy
Senators with Clergy
Senator McCarthy speech, Conference of Concerned Democrats
Senator McCarthy, Joseph McCaffrey, Senator Burdick
Senator Eugene McCarthy views tornado damage in Tracy, Minnesota, June 1968
Senator Clark
Senate Youth Program Participants
Sen. and Mrs. McCarthy at Katie Louchheim Luncheon
Sec. Dillon and McCarthy
Sec. Dillon and McCarthy
Sarah McClendo(?), El Paso Times