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Aerial view of Mohamed Aly Mosque at the Citadel in Cairo, Egypt
Two Russian social workers
Children's party
Coffee break
English class
Korean woman
Portrait of three men in costumes
Treasured Polish recipes
Japanese-American art exhibit
Japanese-American artist
Newspaper work
Performing a folk dance
Norwegian Folk group
Basque dancers
Norwegian folk dance group
Festival of nations
Portrait of a young man
American Indian woman
Mexican folk performers
Two women
Italian folk dancers
Farmer's Co-Operative Store meeting
Kalevala: the epic of the Finns
Americans all immigrants all
Americans all immigrants all
Children in ethnic costumes
Jakob Hoikka with his Swedish confirmation class
Estonian events
Estonian community of Seabrook
An evening party at the IISF
Band members at a party
Celebrating St. Lucy's day
Children's Day at the IISF
International Institute staff members at worldings inauguration party
Jazz band concert
Latino men and women
Norwegian play
Scene from a Norwegian play
Scene from a Play
Worldlings dance
Greek woman holding flowers
Three Greek women
ILWU leaders pledge support to Tomas Garcia
Afternoon tea
Japanese Girls Day
Radio broadcast
Achievement Awards
Children in ethnic costumes
Children in ethnic costumes
Children's ethnic costumes
Filipino children
Folk dancing
Latvian and Japanese children
Whispering secrets
Family history display at FinnFest USA '95
Finnish choir at FinnFest USA '95
Polish national alliance baseball team
First communion
Filipino players pose for formal portrait
American Indian dancers
Highland Fling
Campaign flyer for Arvid Ruotsinoja
Mexican folk group
Costume party
International Institute dance
Meeting with a caseworker
Students at the International Institute
Arts and crafts
Dress rehearsal
Rehearsing for a dance
Ukrainian folk ballet
Award recipient
Bride and her attendants
Caseworker with family
Milwaukee County Folk Festival
New patio at the International Institute
Polish exhibit
Polish mountaineer costume
Chinese-American neighborhood
Coffee break discussion
Discussing cultural relations
Japanese delegates
Lecture on the United Nations
Playing the piano
Workshop in international relations
Christmas folk festival
International Institute staff
Man in folk costume
Czechoslovakian exhibit
Polish children
Poster for a Mardi Gras Ball
Sokol Minnesota directory
The Polish Americans
Letter to Stefan Korbonski
Letter to Vasil Germenji
Abandoned ship
Approaching Ellis Island
Bell Tower
Buildings at Ellis Island